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cannot upgrade buildings and units, after one couple of hours i lost all resources

today fb attacked my fighter base, after recovery i had resources of 4m tiber 3m crystal, AFTER RECOVERY TIME HAS FINISHED, AND AFTER I REPAIR ALL BUILDINGS 100% HEALTH, i had the above resources but cannot transfer to other bases or upgrade any thing in my base, after i relogin into the game found all resources gone without the upgrades or transfer !!!!! i keep claim this issue read other forums and solve this bug, unbelievable!!!!!!!


  • again and again, i post this damn problem, this happened with me today, a 19m gone from my main base after recovery period, without being killed all gone, i know ull ask the dump question if i gave sub to any one the answer not, resources tiber and crystal, are gone 0000 not upgraded or destroyed, sub, or being killed, they disappeared, solve this bug, many times happened with me
  • Hello Commander, which world did this happen on?
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • tiberian 47, please review the history in my main maximus and pal first, bases, after getting recovery time and my base health is 100% always cannot upgrade or transfer funds, the new happen today is after i transfer money all funds i have transferred are gone neither in any base, the second transfer AFTER I SOLD SOME OF MY DEFENSES transfer success, but couldent upgrade any unit, i refresh the page then found all resources gone with any single upgrade of any building or units

    help please
  • and please notice that i become behind in rank and see how many times i got attacked yesterday only,
  • kindly EE_Elephterion, solve the problem and the worst luck ever in this game, fb every day pick me up between other members 2-3 times, i am talking about the high lvl in front or surrounding, i set in one wave area others on three waves area, but they choose me every day, both fighters i have, plz check the history, also when recover base same place, they choose me again in other words, i take all fb attacks from others to let them live safe :((((
  • hmmm, is your base named 'chosen' by any chance? sorry, couldn't resist.
  • it seems system read my base name hit here only, by the way this dam keep going until now, you know even i look at the summery fb attacks, its different from base to base for example, i have a def lvl of 27 but every time near the boarders i got an attack fulled of mammoth and at least 3-4 comando directed to cy, i have 25-30 power plant front of my cy but with these comando and salamander i have no chance, at the same time i look at the area who get attack away from me, the comondo go other direction so his cy survive despite on his def 24lvl, i do not say i am the only one getting destroyed but really compared with others 20-1 , i lose always power resources,,,, but really the shame thing the reply of the people here, its ur fualt always go near boarder, then i ask if so how we can move forward??!!!!, i went to an areas with 39 fblvl so my def can stand it, but guess what i got two three attacks in row despite on i set in one wave area,, shame on them
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