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Adding Existing Functions To Core Game Code For A Better Player Experience

Since playing this game, there have been two features that I think should become official parts of the game:
1. NPC (Base/outpost/camp) search function, and
2. Increased tagging ability of NPCs.

NPC Search Function
The search function needs to be added to the core part of the game. There have been years of script development that I think should demonstrate to the developers that NPC search function should be a main feature of the game.

I don't see any drawbacks. Are there any?

Tagging Ability of NPCs
The developers have already added some tagging ability, but the flexibility needs to be extended.
Current tagging includes using markers to provide guidance, layouts, etc,, but adding tagging of NPCs by changing the color and name of the NPCs would be better. Currently, there are markers that say move here, or conquer this area, etc, but those markers are at best pointless for the visual task they are to accomplish. Player's don't know the extent of the area, which bases specifically the CiC wants to target or avoid, etc. As a war based game, planning and providing clear instruction are integral parts of gameplay.

There are existing scripts out there that provide a better feature. Instead of markers, the scripts provides the ability to change the name and color of the textbox of NPCs for marking purposes until the NPC is no longer there. The overall look, flexibility, and functionality from a player perspective of renaming/changing NPC color box is ideal for determining what area a CIC wants players to move to, avoid, conquer, etc.

How hard would this be to implement? What drawbacks are there?


  • Also what about a Cncop option also View base is effected as chrome is not running flash in 2 months time we need a replacement and what better than to have it as one of the tools of the game independent of Flash Player
  • EE_Elephterion
    1723 posts Envision Developer
    edited October 2020
    Thanks for the suggestions Commanders!

    We'll put them up for consideration but I doubt they will make it into 20.4 still.
    @SpeirFein can you point me to any script in particular as example for your suggestions so we can take a look at that, or does it come from the all-in one pack?

    Regarding View Base @TheSpainishRat2, what exactly is the purpose of that script enhancement? Looking into any base of a world no matter how far away from you?
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Thank you for looking into the options @EE_Elephterion.

    I've mailed you the scripts since I am unsure of forum policy for posting scripts outside of the dedicated technical forum for scripts and other technical questions.

    I wanted to provide further clarification on the search function for NPCs. I think making any NPC within range of an alliance player's base should be viewable to the alliance members for a few reasons:
    1. It's already being done either through scripts, or posting in chat or alliance forums;
    2. It allows for general ease of gameplay without impacting the actual game mechanics.
    3. The main reason is for ease of already available information. These future tweaks will make the game more functional and more fun to play without creating a dedicated alliance forum for screen captures.

    Please let me know if these are potential options for the next (after 20.4) iteration of updates or if you would like further clarification of the ideas posted.
  • yes ability to view a base that may be just out of attack range
  • yes ability to view a base that may be just out of attack range

    While I would enjoy several "scripts" publicly available to be added to part of the core game design, I believe (adding) CNCOpt would cross several lines, perhaps even legally.

    Regardless, CNCOpt currently does not allow anyone to "view" a base if they are not "within range". Members of an alliance can run CNCOpt on any alliance base within the world (no distance requirement). Otherwise, one must move within attack range to pull a CNCOpt.

    Building a base and the details of a base should remain private if a foreign entity is not within attacking range.
  • right I want to search for a New Base layout say with my base 2 ,which does not have Attack on it, there for the Coopt option is not there ,only attack bases can do it We Need a BASE SCANNER that will not have to rely on flash Player as it does at present
  • Are you sure you are running the most updated version of CNCOpt?

    CNCOpt base scanner works on any bases, with or without an offense.

    Adobe is dropping all support soon for Flash, due to the security concerns and simply being outdated antiquated code. I'm unclear how that will affect things that run on it.
  • SpeirFein
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    edited November 2020
    For clarification, my recommendations are to make the cncopt service or any similar service type script irrelevant by having the game incorporate those features.

    It would be great to log into the game, and select a NPC (Base, camp, outpost) within an alliance area of influence without resorting to asking for a cncopt, or moving a base in range, or utilizing one of the scripts mentioned above. The information is knowable without interfering with the game mechanics or creating any unfair advantage.

    The searching of NPC layouts, and saving of NPC layouts could also be added although I assume this will require more than just a code change. The saving of layouts for later viewing would require additional storage requirements which may increase the game overhead. I think TA devs could limit the amount of layouts saved per account by having a maximum of layouts saved at one time, and deleting saved layouts more than 7 days or some other other time frame they think is appropriate.
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