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Base move recovery

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I searched for this but could not find a reasonable answer:

Anyone knows how to calculate what would be the base move recovery time?

My base is level 64.71.
The jump will be 10 squares.

Currently the base is under recovery, I know that if I wait until that is completed I can see when trying to move how long it would take but I would like to calculate that upfront to coordinate some other player's moves.

Thank you


  • Bumping this question up maybe someone can help me.
  • The exact amount of time depends on various factors, like your Base level and world size among things.
    Every field of distance adds up to the total time linearly, so you should be able to calculate the total time as long as you know how much one field of movement costs you.
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  • I've played a bit with that and it is clear that the relation is linear, so calculating the total time is a simple multiplication between the exact distance (I used two digits after comma) and the per square value.
    I could not find though what is the relation between the per square value to the base level (also again using the base level with 2 digits after comma).

    I've tried in the same world (to remove that variable) to look at multiple bases with different levels and the one space jump (exactly 1.00) and could not figure a relation.
  • Base Recovery = D * X

    D = Distance from previous base location
    X = Time Factor (5 minutes <> 3 hours)

    X = Base level (1-80) * random insignificant world calculation

    A level 65 base moving 20+ clicks should take 2-2.5 days to recover. 10 clicks will be 1-1.25 days. Simply experiment on your own world to determine local adjustments to the calc.
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