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How to calculate distance to Fortress


Normally the fortress is occupying a 4 x 4 grid with coordinates from 548 to 551 on both axes.
When you want to attack the FF you need to be in attack range (which is 10 spaces from your attack base).

My question is how is that distance calculated?

Is it to a specific set of coordinates from the 16 possible in the FF grid (ie 550:550)? Or to any of the 16?

Thank you

PS: I'm calculating distance using this formula SQRT((Bx-Fx)^2+(By-Fy)^2) where [Bx:By] are the coordinates of the Attacking base and [Fx:Fy] are the coordinates of the Forgotten Fortress


  • EE_Elephterion
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    After some more research, as long as at least one of the squares occupied by the FF is within your radius, you are eligible for an attack. Ideally the closest one to you.
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  • Thank you very much! I will be able to verify it in Tiberium 13 very soon (in 7 days the shield will be done).
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