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Repair Time crates

Is there any package containing repair time which is unfolded and becomes effective immediatly?!
Or have to wait for it?


  • Such crates do exist as you describe, but they are rewards and cannot be purchased.
  • FaLcOn9X
    26 posts Member
    edited December 2020
    you can buy repair time now lol well for quite a very long time NOW lmao ,as part of the medium and premium supply packs ....
    have you never run across a player in a normal world that had like 1000+ cp packs but did not understand why ????
  • Yea, forgot about those. With the "free" coins loophole I'm sure it upset many servers since those packages went live.
  • Soixie and FaLcOn9X, thank you very much!

    Both your answers are what i wanted to find out.
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