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CiC with no permissions

I am subbing two accounts. They were made CiC by the last leader as he left the world (Tib 33), and I have no permissions. I can't disband or leave the alliance or change member rank. There are no other officers and the alliance is dead.
How the hell do I get those 2 subbed bases out of the alliance?


  • gamerdruid
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    Subbed CiC's have no CiC power - you basically can't get them out of the alliance unless you can get the original owners of the accounts to come in and do the disbanding.
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  • That really sucks. Can EA disband the alliance?
  • iguanaworld
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    edited December 2020
    Zorkahn wrote: »
    That really sucks. Can EA disband the alliance?

    No, only CiC directly can disband alliance (without substitutions).
    Or members can leave alliance individually.
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  • Thanks for the answers.
  • Start a new Alliance, All members move to it, That should then only leave the to accounts you sub and inactive players in the alliance.
    Then just play the 2 accounts for Fun OR use them to support the new alliance, like killing forgotten to reduce wave for those in new alliance to benefit
  • Have SIC promote themselves to CIC, then disband the alliance.

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