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Problem after Server Maintenance 21st January


  • Everything you clowns say right now has being said, word by word, in 2019. and 2018. and 2017. and 2016. and 2015. Exactly word by word. first complains about not being able to log in, then begging for compensations, then requests for money back then threats of lawsuits. EA heard you then and now and doesn't give a damn so shut up already, keep playing the game, they added 300 more forgotten bases to keep you clowns paying some more, now badges are pricier than last year hahahahha. You guys that pay to play are sad losers, really.

    So, to review, shut up, nobody cares about your dumb luck regarding logging in. You do not matter and you look pathetic stomping your filthy feet demanding Ea do anything for you. No scram, you will not quit the game, you will be back probably dropping even more money as soon as you could log in. Losers :)
  • same here can't get on any server
  • :D, just try to buy funds - "It works"
  • This post should really be in the Technical Issues section and not General Chat..
  • nobulus2
    1 posts New member
    Same problem. Very annoying. EA guys, please fix this ASAP. Screw the roll out of the new tib 49 if that is what causing this problem.
  • No it doesn work, server error.
  • Same problem here... when i try to launch the game from the sign-in page i get an error message.
  • Unable to log into any accounts at all. I tried different web browsers and same thing. You will lose a gamer if you do not fix this. This morning it worked, but tried several times tonight and nothing. What is the solution?
  • I am unable to login, both worlds are stating error. Tried different browser nothing. Need to fix or solution quick. time is important and I am funded so this means I paid and so a fix is needed.
  • Redk8 how about you zip it huh? Man, everywhere there gotta be an eistein directing traffic...let me guess you tell people to wear masks too, right? :))))))
  • Same problem here, unable to launch game.... help !!!!
  • Come on EA, sort this out ! Unable to launch the game again and again. I pay good money and expect a good service.
  • i think your time complaining about it is wasted, it says it could go on until 17.00pm

  • i think iggy is the only player ingame lol
  • Игры от EA никогда не славились качеством . tiberium-alliances никогда нормально не работала особенно во время войны и взятия цитадели. В клиенте игры были такие бреши что я опасаюсь о них говорить , могут в суд подать . И это при том что игроки очень много денег потратили на эту игру.
  • Dame problema here
  • Cannot log into any worlds after update
  • Jerseyblu
    3 posts Member
    edited January 22
    Unfortunately, same problem here as well. Oh! But wait, it gets better ..... I could buy more funds - that worked just fine!

  • can not log on to my game why.
  • igvarr
    3 posts New member
    I can log in but cannot start the game on any server. Error 500.
    SS: https://ibb.co/dWYc7xS
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