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the game sucks!

Hello OP and Administrators!

I just wanted to tell you this game sucks! More and more since the Corona virus.
Because more and more teenagers and jobless idiots are having too much time to spend here.
Consequently, there are more and more "table captains" taking over a whole world and ruining the game for any other player.
Maybe EA would consider to do something... before more and more players will quit!



  • You silly :) Game has nothing but gain with influx of new players not the same clowns with 40 badges who monopolize any world by week 3 and makes game worthless except lose time as first 5 badges are all already in the bag.

    But you are right on game being boring, is just too much farming, too many forgotten bases to kill for a few inches of territory...anyone not badging 1 and 2 expect to play in the world for a year, easy...way too boring, too predictable, too much work not enjoyable as work is for ants not humans, humans wanna play and have fun not "farm like robots," growth too slow, game favors the unemployed and the retired because those with jobs can't be online 15 hrs per day to grow their bases to meaningful levels...
  • So... am I silly or am I right and the game sucks? :pensive:
    By the way: on W26 the alliance playing as "table captain", dictating all others what to do and **** any single player for not being in line is named "Black Ants"... ;)
  • gamerdruid
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    This thread is no different to many that are already in existence - and closed - it offers no new insight into the game.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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