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Camps spawn grab my territory increasing CP cost for attacks

Hello I noticed a strange thing.
My base is alone, i'm only near new player reserved space
Camps spawning in my territory are grabbing it so they appear outside my territory and CP cost for attacks increases by 2 for each space.
For the first day this was not happening.
Yesterday it was happening but I soon moved my base by one field and my territory was not grabbed anymore by camp spawns.
Today camps started grabbing territory again.
Is this an intended feature of the game, so that you have to move once a day to not waste additional CP?


  • gamerdruid
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    Which world is this on? - and co-ords please.
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  • tiberian 49
    i moved this morning and camps are not grabbing territory anymore
  • ok i noticed a pattern...
    the terrritory loss from forgotten happens when you let a camp "expire" without destroying it. When it will despawn the territory where the camp was is lost and you also lose the territory where the new camp spawns
    Can you confirm this behaviour?
  • Hello Commander, are we talking about "holes" in your radius of influence? If you notice those I recommend refreshing the page, that usually clears these phenomena, it is usually not permanent and only a visual anomaly.

    If you are having a experiencing something more persistent, could you please try and attach a screenshot the next time it happens? That would help us a lot, as this may be something not visible for other players.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • ok thanks for the support. Today nothing happened because I'm jumping all around the map.
    Will let you know if it happens again.
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