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PTE reset 12. Feb & temporary command

Hello Testers!

We are preparing everything to conclude our stabilization phase for 21.1 and hope we can roll it out to the regular worlds soon(tm)!

This will necessitate a world reset, where the progress of the PTE is wiped clean and the world changed to a maxlevel 60 world again.
The maintenance for this will occur on Friday, 12. February 2021, at 12:00 UTC. Duration of the downtime is estimated between 30 and 60 minutes, bar any unforeseen interruptions.

In line with the reset, we have decided to activate the maxresources command on the Public Test Environment. This will allow players to fill up their base storage with all resources to the limit.
This should help all testers to reach the maximum level before the reset and stress the configuration of the world some more.
Please refer to the most recent patch notes for 21.1 here to look at what changes and fixes need testing in particular.

Good luck to all testers and,

See you on the battlefield, Commanders!
Envision Entertainment Community Liaison


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