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Camp generation rules

Please can one of the mods confirm exactly how the spawning of camps work?

I was under the impression that an attack of let's say 51, would spawn camps between level 49-53? A recent discussion on a world I am on is that if a lower level player moves near to that level 51 player, that it would decrease the chances of the higher end camps (ie level 53) that are spawned from that player? I thought that camps are generated on a player by player basis, within the random -1/+2 range, and a lower level player would not affect how a higher level players camps generated. I also thought that each base will spawn 2 camps at the attack bases level. So in the case of my example, 2 x 51 camps would definitely be generated in this users area?


  • Soixie
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    No, it is physically impossible for anyone to "block" or otherwise "lower" or even effect the spawning of outposts (or camps) in any capacity. The code physically does not exist.

    Fully documented here;


    @gamerdruid , another one
  • the normal rule is -1/+3, but there is a 50 level cap on the usual rule.
    when max of offense/defense reaches 50 the rule gradually transitions to -1/0
    If your offense is 45 you get 44-48 camps
    if you have a 48 offense you get 47-50 camps
    if you have a 49 offense you get 48-50 camps
    if you have 50 offense you get a 49-50 camps and further on it becomes -1/0
    so for 51 offense you get 50-51 camps only
    for 62 offense you get 62-63 camps
    then the cap is 65 later on even if your offense is 66.7, you get 65.0 camps

    there might be servers where any of these rules can be different given some of the recent patches though
  • gamerdruid
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    Worlds with a max cap of level 80 for player bases do behave slightly differently, the cap of 65.0 has been removed. I'm not certain of the exact relationship such as +/- 1 etc of camp levels to player levels. Outposts are capped even on the level 80 worlds by the levels of the tunnels.
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