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Alternative to CnC Opt for Optimising Bases

Given the current downtime due to patching I found an opportunity to ask if there is any chance of an alternative to CnC Opt which I had exclusively used for supporting another Script for base optimising.

Background - I used CnC Opt to get a link of my base in question as well as a clear image of its current layout.
That link fed the Undstrom Base Optimisation Script/tool which on completion generated a new CnC Opt link
That new Link when posted in an address bar generated a new updated layout in CnC Opt which i then referred to in game to update my Bases Layout.

Overall a task which would take at most 5 minutes to perform.

With the demise of Flash, I can still get Undstrom to generate the new base layout but cannot get a clean image of that layout to appear in CnC Opt (obviously). I can flick between the very basic image Undstrom generates of the layout but its difficult and time consuming to interpret the image and thus replicate in game.

I have had a look at CnC TA Opt and have even managed a small manipulation of the Undstrom CnC Opt link out put and managed to Get CNC TA Opt to part populate the layout generated but cannot get a 100% replication - my skills of interpreting the link details is not good enough and also takes longer than manually interpreting the Undstrom image so is actually not saving me anything.

Thus, is there any way the Undstrom CnC Opt link can be auto manipulated to convert it into a CNC TA opt link?


  • cnctaopt developer here.

    cnctaopt.com can read and process the old cncopt.com's link info. Simply change domain part of the url, "cncopt" to "cnctaopt". Leave the rest of the URL as is.

    I'll create something on the cnctaopt.com's website for use with Undstrom and other sites/programs that are dependent on the old cncopt's link style/pattern. Give me a few days to sort something out.
  • Many thanks for both understanding the explanation and for putting attention towards resolving it.
  • Cnctaopt.com website has been updated.

    The section is called "Cncopt.com's link". Has a large input field for the cncopt.com's link along with a few buttons.
  • I must be being particularly dense because i dont see anything resembling "CnCopt.coms link". I see: [url]https://prnt.sc/10j0w0z[/url]
  • Keep scrolling down ... scroll down past the three large grid layouts ... until you find "Cncopt.com's link:"

    Or use the browser's Find facility.
    - Keyboard keys: "CTRL" and "F" ..
    - Then enter "Cncopt.com's link" into the Find's input box ....
  • Apologies - I know what i was doing wrong. If i put cnctaopt.com into the browser the "Cncopt.com's link" does not appear on teh blank cnctaopt.com screen that appears. HOWEVER, if i click the cnctaopt in game on a base, the populated layout cnctaopt.com screen does include the cncopt.com fields.
  • Just tested and it works perfectly - many thanks.
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