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21.2 PTE Patch maintenance April 22nd

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Hello Testers!

Are you ready for the the first look at 21.2? This will we a smaller, quality of life patch that we hope will benefit a lot of players on all worlds regardless.

PTE Patch maintenance will occur on April 22, 2021, at around 11:00 UTC. Process will take about 30-60 Minutes give or take.

Changes and Bugfixes
  • Forgotten NPCs should now spawn at their appropriate level caps
  • Redeeming multiple capacity boosters should not count capacity increase together anymore
  • Fixed a spelling error on the attack preparation screen (thx @OscarRomeo-Vic)
  • Fixed an error that broke translations for several languages throughout the game
  • Added a filter option to hide players set to "inactive" in the alliance roster
  • Added filter option for unread messages
  • World shutdown message on maintenance should now be displayed in all chat channels
  • Logging out from a world should now properly log you out of the game on the main homepage as well
  • Layout Markers should not be editable anymore to avoid causing issues with other types of markers
  • Viewing the military strength from the alliance roster should not erroneously display every member of an alliance as holding a satellite key anymore

Known Issues
  • Changing the description of markers is currently not saven on applying changes

We have also made some more improvements to substitution rights management and hope this should combat the issue with broken substitutions we receive reports about from older worlds.

We thank every Tester for their time and effort committed and ask you to focus your tests on the substitution improvements as well as any other item on the list of changes.

See you on the Battlefield, Testers!
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