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World 51 unexpected outage

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Hey C&C team,

I understand things go haywire at times and servers experience unexpected outages. However I figured I'd make this post to ask for a little compensation due to my base getting destroyed to the Forgotten during that time since I couldn't move it due to the server being down. Also as soon as I put it back down further back in a safer zone I was attacked again so I've been put back quite a bit of time due to these unfortunate events.

I also call upon any others to post their unfortunate situations due to the unexpected outage in a professional manner. Please do not harass or be rude however your frustrations is understood.

To sum it all up, I'm asking for everyone to be rewarded equally based on level of account on the server. (ex. Sergeant)

Thank you for the consideration and for reading my post.

Have a great weekend.



  • tix2
    14 posts Member
    hello, everyone, finally world 51 is back, I would like to know what EA intends to do, because I got blown up yesterday by a forgotten base that I was attacking, so loss of pc and loss of reps because I could not finish the base , and re loss of rep and resource (tib crystal and energy) because I got shaved and I was unable to rebuild my base like many players I think
    waiting to read you
  • Yes same for me 2 of my accounts was totally killed so all resources was lost
    come on lets have some compo on 51 for the loss many have had BECAUSE of YOUR Muck up
    Perhaps some CP, and a Crate or 2 of Tib,Crys and even a small Repair time
  • 30dawg
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    I was not able to get back on and got destroyed and could not recover until I tried tonight 6/5/2021.
  • My bases got buildings with prior levels and resources disappered. I opened a ticket on EA support and is strange that they don't give support at all on this game, because they say it is an old game. The only way to get support is write on forum, but it seems that nobody answers and nobody cares of the damages of your technical issues....When we buy funds i see everything works, EA take money in an efficient way, so when a players is damaged you should give a refund, in a way you choose.... Not a refund to everybody, but to the players damaged by your issues.
  • gamerdruid
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    It has been the case since I started a number of years ago the EA don't provide support for the game, nothing new in that.

    As for no-one answering, I've replied and over the holiday weekend (in Germany) I'd not expect a reply but we did get the server rebooted so notice was taken of what is happening. People do care about technical issues and the damage that has occurred. In this case, damage was to everyone as no-one could log on. Depending on the style of play the amount of damage would vary.
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  • Once again, I was unable to login to w51 and because of this I was killed by the forgotten a few hours after the time I was trying to login at (11pm) in order to move my base to safety. This is now the second time on this server. Now I spend more money on this game then I should but would expect things to work correctly and when they don't, compensation needs to made. After the first time, I received 3 General level tib (not fair) which I can use in a years time. Also received some rt (which was fair to what I lost). Come on EA stump up the compensation and fix these problems so they dont happen in the first place.
  • gamerdruid
    4165 posts Moderator
    You also received other crates if you kept logging on - none if you left it for a while!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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