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Unbalance POI Level at Center on Firestorm 16

There are unbalance POI's level at Center & sector on Firestorm 16.

Inside the control hub (in the center), there are only level 41-44 poi's but outside the hub there are poi's level 46-47. But those poi's level 46-47 only in sector South West & South and other sector don't have it. Other sector only have poi's level 40-41.

This is unbalance & unfair I would say.


  • xxsly
    56 posts Member
    Perhaps you should look at the map and as an alliance make a decision on if its worth changing land and fighting over. For the love of god can we not have another firestorm 15 by 'rebalancing' the world after it's already started.
  • gamerdruid
    4204 posts Moderator
    It was always going to be unbalanced in the centre. I agree, let's avoid FS15 farce where things kept changing mid-game. As @xxsly says, it's up to the CiC and the alliance to decide if it's worth fighting over the few higher POI's and to move to do so. This is, after all, a war game, not a game where everything is fair to everyone.
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  • VartaD4
    4 posts New member
    This unbalance thing is one of the world characteristics, it's not a bug, it's a feature, if you don't like it don't play this world then. It's like complaining that POI are x2.
    Only thing they had to change is base level at start, only because bubble drop bug because the game on browser side can't handle it well.
    F16 is way more balanced than F15 BTW

    And my alliance relocated to choose the sector they want, some alliances don't want to lose time doing this so they can't complain they have "bad" sector after this.
  • methuselah
    439 posts Senior Moderator
    Are the POI x2 as well? Interesting. I personally like the lack of balance, one of the major gripes since the POI were originally introduced was that you could control the center and hold both the keys to the fort and also all major POI.

    Interesting and good sounding change to me although I acknowledge I'm not active in that world.
  • gamerdruid
    4204 posts Moderator
    POI's are the same, but the bonus has been adjusted.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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