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in better times...

...that game was fun with lot of PVP and teamplay for 24/7

If you want more players to join a server give us old rules and standards!!!


  • PvP is simply a hassle unless you rub your alliance the wrong way against another alliance. Diplomacy is key, if you make everyone your enemy watch out, that they all strike you back. Better to love your enemy and deal with them non-aggressively that to lock horns with one.

    Team Play is still possible, but a little harder. You can try to shoot the same base together in the alliance, but the CY must be the last target and shot down with the most CP/least base kills.

    I don't think the old economy would come back anytime soon. I heard it was hard to accumulate power. Moral and Forgotten Attacks may be hard to deal with, but there can be a world with neither of these setups.
  • Oh boy - are you serious???

    "PVP is simply a hassle.......Diplomacy is key"

    -> PVP was the main element of the game for years!!! Almost nobody wants to farm all the time - thats one reason why less and less players are here!!!

  • -> PVP was the main element of the game for years!!! Almost nobody wants to farm all the time - thats one reason why less and less players are here!!!
    Well, I don't really like PvP unless it has to be necessary... I guess people have different preferences; farming too often would make people bored. But if you and your alliance engage too much in PvP, you effectively create a battle line with your opponents and diplomacy would be hard to deal with.

    Even though my account name has pillager in it, I would rather cast my shadow and frighten the forgotten than engage in a tussle with fellow players across a different alliance. "Do unto others what you want them to do unto you" - I've heard of a saying, and I'm following such. Do what you want in your alliance/s, but if a war breaks out, you really can't dig your way to the center.

    Also, stop with the exclamation points! I understand your anger, but you've rather deal with it rationally rather than kill a person out of your uncontrolled anger.
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    @chadthurston: so true - these guys are awful
    @EinarThePillager: i will no longer comment on your input - especially your last sentence is insane!
  • Einar please find me in the next server, i wish to destroy your bases.
    You do not know why I prefer PvP as a last resort... I would not talk to you in regards to this. I've rather be away from the forums for some time just like @Kinshasa551 said...

    Also, which world, Tiberian 53? Its going to take 2 weeks to see me, so why not try to find my alt account on the most 10 recent worlds. My alt account has Shiner in its name... from this day onwards until the launch of Tiberian 53, I will join 2 random worlds to do short term tests... If you can find and destroy me, then you can brag all you want.

    I have to admit though that I can cause issues with other players, so I apologize for the time being. Also, @Kinshasa551 can you tell me what causes a person to commit murder? Is it not a person's unchecked temper to commit such a heinous crime?

    Even though some of you may disagree with me right now cause of my views, I wish to see you in Tiberian 53, maybe you might be able to read something I'd post there... I hope to see you soon, I'll be taking my leave for now. Enjoy the pandemic, if you know what/who keeps you safe!
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