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King of the Hill attitude is now killing the Game.
First I can understand the King of the hill outlook
.First alliance to kill fortress, Then Building up to Level 65, hold Top POIs and Bonus to then help there Sub alliances to take fortress.
Fair Enough,
Once they reach the fortress Kill they do not have to spend any more money on CP and Repair. Just sit back and Grow levels with the Top Bonus they now have.
BUT that then Posies a Problem. Take world Tib49
The Top dog has 6 alt alliances.
Now the Top Alliance while waiting for that 6 to Badge, Is spending its time Attacking the Lower alliances one by one. The Lower alliances even banding together have no chance as they have been limited to lower POI and bonus.
And the Same Group of alliances are doing the same thing on tib 51

Now What does that means

Is that many Players in the lower Alliances are now doing one of 2 Things. (1) Stop Playing, and leaving the Game. Or (2) Stop Spending money on Cp and Repair and just play to pass time with 100CP and 12 hours Repair.

So we come gradually to the situation that NO ONE is Spending money on that world
and as I said in Heading king of the hill attitude is killing the Game

I do believe that EA in its own Interest if they want to keep the Game going as a money concern should look in to it.

I don't know what the Answer is But it needs one fast


  • You either join them or try and kill them...
    There is the diplomacy thing also... one can come to an agreement if interested...
    Crying is of no use... if anything you'll get whacked more often and that's it...

    While waiting in line for the fort kill, them other 5 alliances have to "invent" methods to keep the members entertained...
    From my experience, there are a few PvP lovers in each alliance... Most likely the CiC removed the brake and let them be happy :tongue:
  • 1 They refuse to allied with any one
    ALL other alliances are White and Red to them, 2 Diplo they are not interested
    I'm not crying, just stating a Fact That the King of Hill attitude is slowly Killing the Game, as players refusing to spend CASH on these worlds where its happening

    Personally I play with 4 accounts on each world ALL WAS Financed but like MANY OTHERS from a Number of alliances on them worlds Once my Credits run out I will not be refreshing them
  • chadthurston
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  • Kinshasa551
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    Lets sum up some facts:

    Alternative 1: there is on big Ally / group (with x Wings) and a few smaller Ally´s
    -> winner is known at day 7 / at the latest with base 3

    Here its all about farming. The big Ally/group already knows that they will win that server. At that point they are not interested in PVP. Distance to the smaller Ally´s is getting bigger and bigger every day. The smaller Ally is als not interested in PVP because they know that they have no chance. Normally there are only some small slight fights later in the game (see comments above).

    SUMMARY: boring server for the big Ally because its all about farming, farming and farming (again and again). Especially longtime players are bored as hell. Smaller Ally´s have to accept the rules of the winner (order of wings shooting the fortress + not taking bigger pois and so on). If they do so they probably can shoot the center in about 1 year or whatever. In the end (some guys realize whats going on only later in the game) its frustrating for them.

    Alternative 2: there are 2 big Ally´s / groups at the same level (more or less)
    -> there will be one "big" fight at center for 1-2 days

    Nobody wants to start a war early (guess no explanation needed why thats the case). So again its also all about farming, farming and farming. What is happening at the center? There is one "big" fight - loose the first combat/high pois and you have lost. Its as simple as that. Smaller Ally´s are trivial - they have to choose one side as a wing (not the worst for them).

    Summary: For the players its a bit more exciting (in comparison to A1) - but in the end its frustrating because everybody is farming for month and in the end there is only a fight for 1-2 days.

    Conclusion: to make the game more exciting for everybody PVP has to be worth it. At the moment you get punished for starting PVP -> and thats a joke for a strategic war game.

    Also there have to be more servers. There are situations (as described) where is makes no sense to play any longer (if your intention is to win a server). Give these guys the possibility to start again at a new server. If you don´t do that more and more players leave the game.
  • methuselah
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    We've talked about the wing alliance problem for a long time and never really settled on a solution. The current dynamic does take some of the fight out of the game I totally agree. When the top alliance has 6 wings, especially if those are top 10 wings the intrigue on that world is dead which is bad for the game.

    If I've said this once I've said it a million times, long before Envision became responsible for TA a decision was made to de emphasize PvP in terms of player progression and the game has never recovered from that. Don't get me wrong, I still adore TA. I'm a 3,593 day player in my oldest server, but they took a war game and removed the plunder from actual war which set into motion turning it into more farming and diplomacy.
  • Kinshasa551
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    I think 99% of the players agree about the disappointing „pvp situation“.
    The question is if there is any intention by the Envision guys to change that / make the game interesting again. If so you should ask longtime players for a solution. Ofc its not easy to find a good solution - but a discussion could be a start.
  • There is also no real penalty for dying, since players can get bases killed three times, then relocate and no bonus penalty disappear. Players can also lost their bases thousands of times, refuse to concede defeat, and then they slowly grow with the "strategy" of waiting out their enemies. EA has destroyed this game a long time ago, but they don't care at all. It's all about $$$$ at this stage.
  • Winning by losing (i.e. waiting out your opponents) should not be a viable strategy at all. This is a "war game" where war is penalized, and farming is rewarded. This is a war game whereby players can exploit stupid mechanics like many base destroyed + 40 space move + do it three times + relocate and redo the whole thing again, to be an absolute nuisance. Where one can make small bases with high level defences, and never have to repair anything yet defences will heal to full and base can move to hold POIs. So many stupid mechanics favoring the loser.
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