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WCS 2021 - questions


  • I agree with Certosha. Its the worst time to start a WCS and i do not understand that descision at all!

    I will def. not play a WCS with Christmas + New Years Days take place a few days later. Sorry - but some family time at the end of the year should have priority for everybody!
  • chadthurston
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  • DuracellD4
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    And some players said that not everyone have xmas end of December, but for some it's early january ? like new year days
    So we can say that "almost" all active player in the game have something during these 2 weeks from 24 to early january
    so that's not wrong to start it in January...
    it's WCS and they start it the worse time of the year :|

    You already announced it but ... some players asked you already to not start it in december, and then EA ...

  • lol it is a great way to get people not to play organise it over busiest family time of the year...........maybe that helps wind down the game discourage use and wrap it up as not commercially viable? Maybe that is the surprise?

    Anyways no point whinging about it in forum as the real decision makers don't read the forums, we have been told this many times. Better just to organise your teams and either play or don't play i guess is the answer.......
  • Why not just move it to February?
  • Smild36 wrote: »
    Why not just move it to February?

    No need to move it that far, starting 10 january it will be good for most players (since 7 january is christmas for some players)
  • January 10 is perfect for me personally)
  • Agree jan 10th would be awesome
  • 10th january would be much better than starting the WCS in 4 weeks!

    @EE_Elephterion: you want to comment/answer the questions/proposal?
  • Kinshasa551
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    the discussion is one week old and many players have asked questions about the date of the WCS.

    You guys see one answer by @EE_Elephterion? No!
    He could be on vacation. No - because he´s able to answer other more significant questions in different threads.

    Looks like WCS is not important. What a joke!

  • I've been following this thread like any other, but unfortunately I don't think a delay to January is going to happen, now that its been officially announced.
    The date was chose to be close to the anniversary of the games launch. It might not work out for every player who wants to participate and that's unfortunate but that is true for any date we set.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • thats classic - answer one week after the first requests and now its to late for a delay to january.

    for sure that will be the most irrelevant WCS since the beginning of that game because so many good players will not play because of xmas.

    WCS officially now is like any other world - nothing special!

  • I suspect it was too late once the announcement was made, not because of a one week gap between the announcement and a comment.

    Apart from a technical problem arising, has anyone ever known a world to be delayed in such a way? I certainly haven't.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • You should have asked the players before the announcement (you have done that for WCS 2019)!

    Whatever - you guys are not willing to change anything so its useless to write anything more about that topic.

    Have fun with the WCS -> irrelevant and without any competition.
  • We have voiced concerns about a WCS over the Christmas holidays. On our signup form we had an availability question and it does not look as bad as we feared.
    3% are fully unavailable without any access
    27% have limited availability and can check their accounts at least
    70% have normal availability

    Some solution over the Christmas days would be nice though.
  • Kinshasa551
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    70% have normal availability

    70% of your guys have normal availabilty over the xmas holidays.

    What a sad world. Without any competetion at the WCS i hope most of the guys will spend some more time with their family´s.

  • 70% have normal availability

    70% of your guys have normal availabilty over the xmas holidays.

    What a sad world. Without any competetion at the WCS i hope most of the guys will spend some more time with their family´s.

    I guess normal availability means they are able to shoot a base per day. Its not like we require people to be online all day.
    But yes I am on the "limited time" side.

    I do like the idea of an technical outage though. 24th 0:00 till 27th 0:00 taking the server offline without ress generation or packages running out. That would solve a lot of problems.
  • around xmas time last year it was tib 48. out of order won that one but many players participated so using the holidays as an excuse for not being able to play wcs during that time is fraudulent we all know everyone will make time and no morale means kill one base a day and get it over with fast. its the best format for wcs as all the best teams will make center around the same time if there is no early pvp. and you guys can all get together and agree on who gets what before hand but make no mistake, that doesnt happen in a real game so its clear with 5000 available slots that the project ttd teams will be able to field many badged alt accounts, the best way to do that is to have them all ready to load the first minute that the server starts. now finally after all these years people are starting to see how this meta is evolving into a pile up on one side show. it doesnt make you a good player to understand the current meta and master it. it doesnt make you a good player if you have a gold badge because the majority of players play on the same team. economy and loot from farming and pvp should fluctuate so the meta doesnt get stale, now nobody wants to participate in servers unless they are on the winning side. sure some stay and fight for a while but thats how it goes, 500 people per server and not all get to win. i can see who keeps coming back year after year, server after server and i see all the same people together time and time again. wcs is no longer a valid arena for what constitutes a winning team or the best players. none of these servers are anymore. say what you want but i have clearly seen the improvement in the last year from project ttd players but ive also seen all the other teams collapse from the collection of all the most seasoned players collecting into one group and of coarse why shouldnt they. why shouldnt everyone all gang up on shaffa? its the only way to beat em. they have seen the improvements and can estimate the number of accounts against them and the tables have turned but once all of you collect to one side the table will become lopsided and topple. i will suggest for the very last time that you abandon the practice of allowing more than one fort kill and badge per server. make people actually use 50 player teams and make em smaller even if you have to. for the love of kane please consider this. you can erase all the server data and refresh it from begning just like the test server after the fort is killed, it will be easy to do. otherwise it will be soon over for TA and the willingness of people to compete against each other.
  • one_cIown
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    Good post and you pretty much covered all the thoughts of the players that choose not to stand in a line for a badge but instead play the game the way we wish to play, and of course we hope some day before the curtain drops for good on CnC that others will see that the game offers so much more too. It should not just be played in its current manner but should should involve so much more fighting to prove position of strength and right to earn that badge that so many crave to own. Sad but the diplomacy of forming that lines and waiting to badge is strangling the game that many players out there love to play. They should look in the mirror and ask is this really what they want?

    In the meantime we sit and watch guys take their ticket and watch them sit in line until their number is called.

    mmm Lemmings i think i should go play Lemmings again ;-) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemmings_(video_game)

    Take care and Merry Xmas all.
  • chadthurston
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    here at cnc ta we promote mass assimilation, fit in or .

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