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EE please pass to EA on behalf of the Loyal and Paying Players

Now the Festive season is over I am sure many players would like to join me in asking EE to pass on our Thanks to EA. Who like many other Game company's gave us such a wonderful Xmas and New Year Bonus of some CP Repair Time and Resources Even the Christmas Challenge of Infected Bases was good at passing the time over the Festive Season.
So come on Fellow LOYAL and PAYING Plays join me in saying THANKS EA


  • gamerdruid
    5037 posts Moderator
    I'm not sure why you'd want a Christmas challenge as the last challenge they did was broken! The extra CP repair time and Resources must have only been issued to those that complain because I never got them! :disappointed:
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • this is a sarcastic post as no bonus of cp or rt was given and infected challenges only happen in around april i believe. now while i do agree that giving away a weeks worth of upgraded cp and rt storage along with an extra repair time crate or 2 during the holiday season or any time such generosity be deemed appropriate would be a return to past practices, a welcome gesture of appreciation for loyalty and incentive to maintain those capacities by spending our money. i do not believe i will hold my breathe waiting for the return of the better aspects of this game such as a balanced and competitive environment to play in.
  • Yes it was good OLD ENGLISH SARCASAM
    sorry you did not recognize it as such GD
    mind you I doubt if EE would recognize it as such as the say the hardest job in the world is being a comic in Germany, as they have no sense of comedy BUT VIE HAVE WAS OF EXTRACTING MONEY :wink:
  • gamerdruid
    5037 posts Moderator
    edited January 2022
    LOL - I did recognise it and chose to ignore it as sarcasm :dizzy: and used my own style of it.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • They gave it all to FIFA
  • I think this thread should now be closed as the posts are quite childish ;-p
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