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Leaving an alliance if the CIC is non-present.

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Was appointed to SIC and stuck now from leaving. How do I leave?


  • SpyderL wrote: »
    Was appointed to SIC and stuck now from leaving. How do I leave?

    promote someone else and demote yourself and leave alliance or disband alliance if inactive
  • When will EA or whomever runs the server allows a little more leniency for subs to disband or change status after ex-cic promoted the sub and then left before disbanding team, now we are stuck and can't get out, changes need to be made please
  • nefrontheone
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    When will the commanders in chief understand the need for a second commander and the conditions in which their alliance is left when he decides to leave a world without thinking about the consequences for the other companions?

    If a commander-in-chief falls ill and cannot connect to the game, the deputy commander can take over his duties and appoint another deputy commander.
    There are other alliances where this is solved by having two or three commanders in chief at the same time in case one of them fails.
    In other words, we are the ones who must take preventive measures before encountering problems.
    I understand that the simplest thing is to blame others for our lack of foresight, I have done it myself at some point.
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
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