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You have been silenced by a moderator

Im getting this message all the time while not saying anything offensive... after the period over i type a sentence and get the ban agian... just get you AI in order or just leave it... its a social game.


  • gamerdruid
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    Let's be clear - it's not a moderator in-game even if that is what the message says. 'A moderator' sounds, to me at least, like human intervention. It is probably AI as you suggest. You must have infringed some rule or other otherwise it wouldn't be triggered.
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  • ya buddy was just talking too much i already let em know how the thing works. if you send too many messages in the chat box, be it whisper, in alliance chat or global chat you will be silenced for a short period as a warning against spam. if it is persistent spamming the warning and muted period will extend beyond just a short 2 or 5 minute interval into a 2 or 3 day chat ban and im sure the disciplinary period can extend much further if pushed. this is probably why iggy uses psychopetes account to rant in these forums ;p
  • Yeah you said that chad but i didnt took that very serious... so if i speak to much the AI thinks im a spammer?. Whatabout others then? They seem to do fine. Not mention your name or anything.
  • no i believe its about volume of sent messages compounding over time, if you keep setting off the auto mute it becomes more penalizing over time. with me usually people like to chime in when im on a rant or just typing nonsense in global so it kind of offsets the accumulation of spam triggers.
  • I'm fine too although quite often i think i am speaking to myself. Then i just ignore myself and all is fine ;-p
  • Im silensed agian... lol...
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