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Blocked from getting sat code

The subbed acct on W86 needs a sat code but can't seem to move onto one.

The uninformative message says "Cannot move on the destroyed property around the center of wreckage."

pic shows that spaces should be open to move to:

I hope you're not going to tell me that subbed accounts aren't allowed to get a code. That would be the last straw for me and this game.



  • gamerdruid
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    As far as I know, subs are allowed to get a code. Did you check to see if the account already had one? Sometimes error messages are very uninformative. The system knows there is an error, but it gives the wrong message.

    Also, the pic you posted doesn't show, only the lightshot logo is showing. Is there a ruin in the centre of the wreckage from another player?

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  • You're right, subs can obtain a code. What I failed to consider is that the player base must be situated in the center of the area, which is not like how it is before the sat lands and any open spot in the zone can be occupied. Add this to the 'duh' list.

    A couple things about the special rules for subs. There are some valid reasons why subs should be restricted from sector jumping but don't you think there can be a happy medium that keeps things fair and allows subs to jump but with tight restrictions?

    Also, if a subbed player is gone too long it seems the ability to sell buildings and units is disabled. If that's fair that's fair. But why wouldn't it be more fair to also disable spending of funds at that time? Of course if you do and it's been say, two years, it would also make sense to refund the players unspent funds or give a credit for some other EA product. But from the way you seem to pick and choose what limits will be placed on sub accounts it might appear that this is less about player fairness and more about EAs bottom line. Couldn't be that, could it?

    And one more thing. Why the hell isn't there a system generated msg warning that the sub time limit is near to its end and a reminder that when it happens a total lockout will be imposed, so if you have anything important to do with that account before then you'll have fair warning. I know you'll say that info is in the Options/Sub menu but you certainly know that many players will be blindsided when it happens.
    When you are so used to only playing another account by sub you tend to forget that there is a drop dead date.

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