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Changing EA ID

if i change my ea id does that mean my name in game changes or is there a way i can chnage my name inside of Tiberium alliances?


  • and if i change my name will i loose my badges ?
  • i tried it with one of my alts its easy to do. click on the command and conquer icon go to the welcome page where it says your current world and has the options to play now or change world and at the top right you will see an EA icon a ? icon and your profile icon. click on your profile icon and the option to sign out or the link to account settings will appear on the next page, why they didnt just add a direct link in the original profile link is beyond me but i will let my explanation take as long as the actual act of name changing itself. where was i? blah blah oh ya account settings brings up the EA my account page where you can view all your account info and the first thing you will see there is your EA id name and your real name and the options to edit that info and other stuff like your address or your picture that will also appear here in the forum. if you change your ea id it will change your in-game name but will not change the name on your achievement badges, you dont lose your badges but the old name is still on the achievements.
  • And if you like you in game name but wish to "drop all previous badges" then this is also possible, just start a new account and give the new account the name from your old account, of course first you rename the old account with a random name then apply your old name to new account ;-)
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