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C & C: Tiberium Alliances, Issues connecting to servers...

Good morning from Rhode Island...

I am a long-time (2014) player of C&C: Tiberium Alliances. Though the game is 'free-to-play', I have financially supported the game in a significant way on the 'Wrath29' world for many months now. My in-game user name is '5-Card-Major'.

For the last three days I have not been able to connect to the servers, and if I do connect, most of the site functionality is not working. I have a very fast Win 10 gaming PC that is very much up to date. I have a fast Cox Cable connection to the internet. I have cleared cache, etc. To no avail.

I called EA Tech support. I was told they do not actively support this older game any longer, and that I would have to rely on the help of folks here on these forums. I find this amazing, as EA has accepted my money every month, yet when I need help, no one from EA officially wants to give me support.

I am hoping some folks here could help. I really enjoy this game. Thank you.

Brian B in Rhode Island/USA


  • Greetings commander,

    what worlds you play on are affected by this issue or is it all of them? Can you tell us when exactly the issues started to appear, based on your local time?
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • In my 1st paragraph... 'Wrath29' world. I don't play on any others.

    Date of post Feb 9th... "...for the last 3 days..." So, Feb 6th.
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