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A third faction

I was just thinking that forgotten would be a good choice for a third faction.
Maybe they would have the ability to use the ai forgotten as allies or to fight against them.


  • realIP
    1 posts New member
    like Scrin :)
  • realIP wrote: »
    like Scrin :)

    I haven't come across the scrin but I've heard them mentioned before.
    I wonder how they would deploy and what kinds of units they would have.
  • play as forgotten and have 2 factions
    Tiberium forgotten-their specialty would be in tiberium units
    Crystal forgotten-would be crystal units
    the mission would be to retake tacitus
    the world would be made of infected, would be a challenge to dig our way to center killing infected bases
  • Then a true world with more than one continent since the cycle would include nod/gdi campaigns.
    Maybe once forgotten take continent.

    But then again mixing mixing them all together to run at once would be fun as infected could have a player element as well.
    So 4 factions at that point.
  • gamerdruid
    5037 posts Moderator
    All of these are interesting suggestions, some new some not so new. However, I very much doubt that new factions or playable forgotten will be implemented. I also doubt any major changes will take place to what is now an old game in computer gaming terms.

    My advice is to enjoy what you can with the game as it is, very little is going to change.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • I started this thread get a general opinion about the game and how people feel about the fantasy world we play in.
    As for changes, I do notice some of the small things that have made the game more enjoyable. For example the ai is a bit better.....

    A third faction would be a big balancing issue I think. My opinions are not thought out in any way and are meant to start a conversation with other players who enjoy the setting.....
  • how about instead of forgotten bases, make them infected bases

    and compete for an infected badge, no moral and high level bases
  • with forgotten attacks, and give special infected fort badges for all fort destruction
  • ffi82
    51 posts Member
    Instead of a 3rd faction, just introduce the "engineer" army unit that can do his work on Camps and then Outposts after the upgrade.

    PvP will have a "+" here too i think. They (players) will get angry if the "engineered" forgotten are not visible to anyone else :tongue:
    I mean... players got angry over much less then this... just do it !

    Will be fun for all once it is properly introduced i guess... low level players would (those that start late a world) would at least have a workaround to catch up to some decent level.
  • gamerdruid
    5037 posts Moderator
    I like the suggestion of infected bases - every base infected on a world included the fortress!
    Gains would need adjusting.
    For example, I can't see the developer or EA being happy with the rt returns that happen during an infected challenge - maybe something like extra crystal and tiberium - or even power!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • If not a third faction then allow bases to specialize in maybe offense, defence, production,....
    It can cost resources and command points maybe even time like a relocate to switch between them at a penalty to other specializations.
  • Individual unit experience.
    I would like that just like the old c&c games.
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