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  • Your comments sound like you don't understand that I was trying to communicate the negative impact locking has on PVP and general gameplay. To be clear, I want it removed from the game and was suggesting a way to make that happen. Locking ruins the game because it makes a PVP battle completely one sided. It doesn't matter…
    in PVP. Reply by 32767a June 2017
  • it's not a technique to avoid PVP, it's a technique used FOR PVP. done effectively, you can jump a base with a large offense and minimal defense into the center of a base cluster and attack everyone in range without fear of counterattack. The opponent can do nothing but sit and watch all their bases get destroyed. It…
    in PVP. Reply by 32767a June 2017
  • What I meant was, if the base's damage level (not D, structures) didn't increase by some number, there would be a 5-10 second delay where anyone other than the original alliance could attack the base. If building damage increased by at least 10%, the "open" window would not occur. So, you have to kill at least 10% of the…
    in PVP. Reply by 32767a June 2017
  • A simple solution would be to measure how much damage is dealt to the base by the attack. If measurable damage is done, things could work the way they do now since the attack did damage to the base. If insignificant damage is done, the attacker's alliance gets a cooldown between attacks, giving an opening for other players…
    in PVP. Reply by 32767a June 2017
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