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  • yep and its going on, for gamerdruid : i think its my fault, cause i locked in to much...
  • is EE_ gone? or is he working only 2 days a week
  • that´s the problem with cheap personal and cheap servers, that doesnt work... let it be envision, close all worlds and start again with farmerama or something like that...
  • what the **** again... you are noobs at envision, get the world started again, do your **** job now
  • thats possible, but cant say it concret
  • yes thats clear, the problem is, i gave one day sub and canceled it after 8 hours. so how are the other 15 days on substitution are coming? i dont understand that. if i give it and dont cancel it ok, but without giving to someone, why are the days are counting
  • ee_ is this your answer? for what are you working there, on that world there will be so many bugs and problems, since the world start... unbelieveble here :smiley: so what is about my question about the compensation? is my english so bad that no one understand it? i can write it in german if need ;) so pls check all the…
  • and will there come something from Envision or EA? Or are all we are equal for you? no words no excuse no compensation ? thats the real customize?
  • hi it was my base called "main", but the error is solved i think. thx for looking
  • i will check it after next time of being killing :) and send an answer
  • yes its weekend, dont wanna check it fast, it will be nice if they have a look on it, if they have time for it :)
  • its no blaming, its a question. 1. since years ea get the money and do nothing for there customize, yes you can say they are an american company and they are working less then other countries on customize, but fact is that they do nothing to inform us whats the problem with the servers or the tecnolafgy. we pay money for…
  • and again, no responce from envision, are all of them kicked? from ea will come nothing, to hope about it is very worthless i know that gamerdruid does his best, but its a high quality incompetent from Envision and ea, always taking money is not what service means...
  • are you working for ea or envision? so explain what are the problems and why they never send any message of excuse or what they wanna do better in future that those problems are not coming again... we playing money for this game so sending a message to answers hq is like blowing in the wind. ea has the badest customize…
  • there will be happen nothing, for them all is good, the money runs
  • its weekend again :( f... buy correct running servers from our money and do something there is war running, envision and ea are working like amateurs
  • levle up to level 20 or 20.000.000 points ingame.
  • i see it look at my picture
  • and again the customize of thhis game is a farce, what shall i do with 3x 900.000.000 tib if the best player on this world is at 100.000 points. why you dont end the service complitly, so you dont be a shame everytime. Envision and EA only sees the money and the service is equal. Why were the server down over 12 hours, why…
  • what i say, nothing from envision or ea why the server goes down, if there will be any compensation or not, no excuse, really nothing, but taking money is importent... its another part of this endless story with them...

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