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  • what i say, nothing from envision or ea why the server goes down, if there will be any compensation or not, no excuse, really nothing, but taking money is importent... its another part of this endless story with them...
  • yes thats the new way only the others are guilty, not i am... its senceless to talk about it in future... close topic, envision and ea nerver makes mistakes by their own
  • its not going only on this, which was changed because we wanted it. its going about the customize, no information, no support, only getting cash and if the **** fundsbuy dot work they will manage it in minutes. We are all long enouth in this game that every one knows what i am talking about. i am interresting in what there…
  • until monday nothing will be going to fix, its every time happened, when something like that starts on friday evening. thats the reality
  • what do you guys think will happen now... until monday nothing, like every **** crash on the servers... my base is killed by forgotten, that works fine on the server. Every time they crashes the cheapest chinese servers on friday evening. Thx for nothing again Envision and EA
  • its not against you gamerdruid, its against envision and ea, we only here the same we cant do anything bla bla if you write something what is not so nice in the forum you get a bann here, but ingame we send only from my alliance like 60 mails to the support and what is ... nothing happens, thats the reality its equal for…
  • Let it be... 200 more malls today, on this server is war, so I can't delete all the messages without looking if there are some importent messages... Most of the player here spent money for the game so do your job pls and ban him... And don't sent him a warning... On other games it will need 5 reports not 5000... Why you…
  • The customer service of ea is since many years for nothing... They won't ban this player... That's the truth
  • > @gamerdruid said: > Shinerplunderer wrote: » > > EE_Elephterion wrote: » > > We are contacting EA customer support about this repeated offender. > > > > Hope that the repeated offender will get a perma-ban on that server, and anywhere else. He might continue his schemes in other TIberium Alliances servers. Also is the…

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