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  • hahahahahahaha ur killing me pete Also if i read all the new post , its all of topic, stay on topic people
  • Well starting a new firestorm 16 thats ok for me and i think thats the best thing you can do , so all problems are solved and everybody happy. But don't forget 2 give me back the same funds on all 9 acc's when i started firestorm 15 and what i purchased extra ingame doh Yea 9 funded acc's , wanted 2 start that world solo…
  • Euh me ??? West , but 3 acc's came from another sector and lost shield the first day when my level was 7 i moved away from those big forgotten bases ans lost shields. Got 8 funded acc's in this world .
  • Strange , follow the green arrows . I moved one base with shield away from the poi and moved another one with shield next 2 the poi and he lost hes shield , HOW ??? They only switch places. Also the 3 other Acc's that lost shield at day 1, what ur gonne do about that ??? Thats 7 days shield you stole from me .
  • Wel thinking about a compensation ? Thats nice but that doesnt give back 2 los i had 2 deal with , i got 9 funded acc's in this world , 3 of my acc's lost shield in the first day and died more then onces , those 3 acc's can't , wel lets say , they are way behind now. they needed def , while my other 6 acc's din't need it.…
  • normaly we have a shiled for 7 days , so long we don't move in lev 20 area . but i landed there when i joined the game. So give back our shields , losing money , resources and i non-stop die. How can i grow if i already need put of defs ??? wel not this acc doh , but my 2 other onces : stroombeffer and AOA1964 , they…
  • its back online
  • its realy unfair , i need my sleep , but if i go 2 sleep , the clan wil be death meat. Also a unfair war , all ARES , Team zone and maybe more vs Project. Maybe NE Sector needs 2 team up project ^^ lol maybe enemy's. Fix the server , i need my sleep lol
  • Most of those bubbles are going down at 17 june 2021 , between 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm , Well you wil see how much of you died , when those guys all stay awake for this server 2 work again. its indeed unfair. Well me and Caddy wil be the first 2 die i think lol
  • lol and they will start a new world soon again fire 15 lol , better fix all that server crap first
  • nah this game is a joke , this is the wrong room for it , delete please.
  • The big war is gonne start and now the server of tib 51 is down again , So you guys helping the other side ??? So EA and co are just cheaters ??? What a waste of my cash , this will be my last world. i will play on this world and on my old worlds , but all unfunded , no more funds from me EA.
  • Tib 51 is back online !!! Thx for ur reply m8 enjoy the rest of ur vacation B)
  • ur for 100 % correct , they only care about the funds we buy.
  • Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Almost 12 hours long now and i still can't login on all my 8 acc's , yes 8 funded acc , because i'm a 1 mans clan standng in a 2 a 3 waves zone trying 2 hold my poi's. I needed 2 repair my bases non-stop , i was working on a better defense. This is for me the second world (tib 39 and tib 51) where I use 8…
  • First they remove the shared resources , so that way they hope more people pay for funds. Well i'm so a big idiot for buying funds and what get I back for it ????
  • i know the feeling , sitting in a 2 a 3 zone and hopefully i don't lose my poi's lol
  • They get hitt all day long lol , so i have some probs soon lol
  • yea can't get in the game . Not good , because i'm standing in a 2 a 3 wave zone with my bases Grrrrrr Gonne lose my poi's.
  • yea can't get in the game . Not good , because i'm standing in a 2 a 3 wave zone with my bases Grrrrrr Gonne lose my poi's.

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