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  • Hey guys, I'm somehow behind this change. I am delighted because I am firmly convinced that the game is more enjoyable that way. It was a personal initiative. However, I agree that an announcement would have been fairer for everyone and perhaps would have avoided so many negative reactions. This will have to serve as an…
  • Hi, I thank you for considering our requests. It's much more playable like this
  • I don't know who can change these malus settings, but I'm sure it can be done since it was done on tiberium 40, following several messages from players. The farm is part of the game, but in reasonable proportions. I think that wrath26 as configured will be very very long. I'm afraid a lot of players won't finish it because…
  • it's the malus that's too much of a penalty. Added to the level of the bases which increase very quickly (to be 61 in the center)...It's a farm server at 90% of the game time...But as the malus is too high, we even have malus on some outposts...This is therefore contradictory for farm, that's what proves that the malus is…
  • Alka created this feed just to make this server more enjoyable to play. It is not normal to make spawn avp 22s with an OL 17.5 and have malus on it. It's not farm anymore. In the event that we each have several alts, it would then be an advantage to leave the penalty at +4... So if that's what motivated us, we wouldn't ask…
  • Jaws, tout comme alka, je joue 1 alt qui m'aide au début. Cela fait deja un moment qu'il ne m'est plus utile. Je ne pense pas que ce soit malhonnête, les 3/4 des joueurs le font alors je m'adapte. >Comme le dit alka plus haut, certains de ceux qui reprochent de jouer avec des alts nous envoie...leurs alts en pvp, mdr c'est…
  • However, I note a contradiction. I played tib 40 with the Iron Wolwes. The malus was too high as on the tib42. Our Commander-in-Chief then asked us to write on this forum for EA to reduce it. JUST LIKE HERE! I think that the same CiC asked his players exactly the opposite. On the tib40, there was no adversity... So it had…
  • LOL Sheosun ... You forgot that I offered you to play without blocks, to make a pvp fair and that on your first attack you started to use the block ... I think you did not attack once without To use it ... Would you like that afterwards we did not use it? We do not use any autoclick, the proof is that you have several…
    in PVP. Reply by Atanagor68 June 2017
  • This game is being destroyed by the pvp under blocks, this removes all the fun. You claim that nobody uses autoclick just because it's forbidden ? This is utopia. If you have a way to check it out, take the time to do it. That would be the least ....we spend money in this game. If you have no way to check this out,…
    in PVP. Reply by Atanagor68 May 2017
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