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  • There have been issues with logging in for the past 6 weeks. The web site has been behaving in a ridiculous and unworkable manner for at least that long. And today it just loops through the login page and never allows access to the game. You guys just keep poking at this game and make it worse and worse and worse! Just put…
  • I have no idea what world I'm logging into and the change world link is non existent. I don't like this mess! Here y'all go again!
  • Can't log in, been getting error 500 for the past several hours now.
  • Yes when this happened it was fairly brief at all worlds I'm on, firestorm 2, firestorm 6, tiberian 10, world 94, world 59. Getting here was not a problem, accessing the game was. Fortunately it didn't last long but it was very odd to say the least.
  • Google chrome current version, Crucial pack all in one, two days same crash message of too many redirects.
  • Yep same problem and same message here. This has been one incredible sting of errors for the past 6 months or so, one right after the other after the other. What in the crap is going on in EA world?
  • If EA is not viewing the threads then how can they know what a burden they have been putting on players for the past few months ? Is EA disconnected from the reality of the hardships and cost the incur on players due to their bungling efforts? What has been transpiring is totally unacceptable in any scenario one may choose…
  • World 94 is offline although the loading tab says it's online. When you click on the tab nothing loads and you get a time out error. Tried with multiple browsers, still no good. All other world tabs are working just fine, at the moment. This has bee going on for at least 3 days, maybe more, I just didn't try to log in…
  • I will take your word for it that you all are working on a stability fix, but it's been weeks, many weeks, and logging in is still a nightmare, cropped image to change worlds, cycle back to home page and repeat, every day, for weeks!! Again today the same garbage. To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement. I hope…
  • When are you guys going to fix this mess? Can't change worlds again, again, again, and again!! This has been going on for weeks now. Get your stuff together!!
  • How long does it take to get this fixed? Google chrome, it's not the browser, it's EA!!! I've been playing this game for years, never had any problems until you suckers rolled everyone into the same pile, well not really problems all along. But now they've exponentially increased!! What in the heck are you people doing???
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