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  • Translation of Malotru74 comments: you pay once, and you pay again when they change the rules in the middle of the game. I have never seen a game where the rules change in the middle of the game. I agree with devil, this game is getting more and more expensive, less and less fair, more and more rotten. I was supposed to…
  • Yes, I agree with you tank. EA has become greedy. I am starting to think that what was done on Tiberium 46 was intentional by EA to force players to have to purchase more funds and replace resources lost due to EA's horrible lack of judgement. Like I have stated we will see. Either it was a mistake and resources will be…
  • It says below every comment you post moderator "I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own". It should also say "I am EA's puppet. They pull my strings and I spout excuses for them." Well your views suck. Fix the problem or are you a cheater and a thief too? No action at all so far. Meanwhile…
  • The statement was correct. It has been made after the changes to Tib46 etc as a result of the issues found. In the near future, no more changes of this type will be made. [/quote] The fact is moderator your lame excuses do nothing for what happened to us on Tiberium 46. EA and it's developers suddenly and without any…
  • And that statement was incorrect. Our world, Tiberium 46 was increased which was stupid of them. To increase a game in progress by 20 levels (not 15 levels like some have stated) all at once is stupid and the result was EA stole caused a huge loss of resources and a loss of 2 weeks minimum in progress on this world. No…
  • > @gamerdruid said: > Elsewhere you will see the changes have changed the world to a level 65 world with the player maximum level at 80. Compensation has never been given on an individual basis so it is extremely unlikely it will be in this case. On no world is it even remotely smart to out of the blue increase a world 20…
  • You screwed up, you screwed everyone on this world and you randomly increased the world by 20 levels in a matter of a few minutes. You have stated it was planned so yes you took resources from every player and now we have to spend a week repairing our bases after being forced to throw all resources into defenses that now…
  • So what you are saying in your EA double speak is that you put no thought into the consequences to players who have spent months on a game and just decided to randomly jump the levels by 20 over night. In other words you're stupid. That has been apparent over the last 2 years of updates. It is all about greed to squeeze…
  • >@ gamerdruid said: Compensation is a matter for EA and is now rarely given in cnc:ta so it is highly unlikely. And this is why players are leaving this game for others. EA has become even more greedy and is biting the hand that feeds them.
  • Yes I was. I could not post to the original announcement about the server being down. So I have to make my own.
  • This is the 2nd time I have posted this. Why did you take down my original post??? I don't like being censored.
  • Why were all worlds off line on January 21st? EA needs to compensate players for the time lost during the game. This was hours, not a few minutes. That effects a lot of things in the game from not moving in a timely manner to resource limits being reached in CP and RT, etc.
  • Since I was prevented from replying to the original post I will do it here. All worlds were down. This was unscheduled. Was there a server crash? I hope there will be compensation for the down time as it impacts progress, CP and RT storage and use, moving bases, placing new bases, etc.
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