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  • cool, you can close this thread
  • My fellow players in my alliance often speak about join in a chat on TS. I would also like to join but I am not sure if that was what they are talking about and did not wish to look to out dated and ask them what they were referring to. we have many players from UK, Germany, Italy in our timezone.
  • sorry for the query, it working now but I find that when I log in, once I put my credentials in I get a general EA splash screen now. Just started a week ago, so i need to click on the "favorites" button once again and takes me where I want to go. Its almost like and EA commercial splash page advertising other games. No…
  • Thanks for this. Maybe a user problem :) not sure but today things are working better. I removed the old script completely and reinstalled the same one. Now I have access to the Payer Info. Don't know why. Before when I pressed Player Info the button did nothing. Just sat there. Maybe slow internet? I tried to install the…
  • Cool, that's good news. Last night all was working just fine, now today it sees me as on Veteran World 7 and asks me to restart a new game. Mobile connection the same. I had the same issue when EA was down last year for a few days. I guess I will have to wait for things to get fixed. I tried Firefox, Chrome and Edge and…
  • I have done as instructed and cleared all caches and other files and the issue is no more. Just have to fix my extensions now. Its still a mystery but its fixed. Cheers
  • Thanks for that. Now this afternoon I log into the welcome screen and still get "server off line" red buttons but on the top right button I can select "play now" and it runs the game no issues. So now I have chrome working just fine but in my hurry I removed the CnCTA script and re-installed it. Now I have issues as some…
  • As I have logged in now as DONCARRIERE you can see from the posts that another player posted those in my account. How can this happen? Plus if I look at My History it shows the other players questions and not the ones I know I have made over the last two years. I appears to be mixed? Cheers Don
  • thank you for your reply and I think I missed the issue when I posted. That is a minor issue. My biggest is I can no longer use CHROME. After logging in with CHROME it gives me a momentary welcome screen (just a flash then it is replaced with a similar screen with two red boxes. One says "server offline", Rank cannot be…
  • I shut down and rebooted my PC and the issue of the "user name" seems to be clear. My initial issue still persists. I can only use Mozilla or EDGE to log into my account. Very strange Don
  • I live in South Africa. I logged in on Friday 10th July, as normal, around 10am into my account. Everything worked fine. Later that day when I try to log in, I get a "server offline" red square box and my ratings cannot be displayed. I use Chrome and windows 10 and have the latest patches for all. I still use Microsoft IE…
  • World 42 general question: Since yesterday mid day in South Africa I have not been able to login as I get a "server down" message. However, I can log in via mobile app but my desktop chrome browser has an issue. Is this a real problem? What is a problem if any?
  • I am also a player on Tiberium World 40 and noticed when you attack a forgotten base or another player, once you have destroyed buildings within the base up to but not including the construction yard, they re-appear on your next attack, every time. Is this normal? As well as destroying a level 15 base, it regening within…
  • Hi everyone, glad to say, logging in from South Africa, all is back to normal, speed, lag and playability. All back to normal. Thanks for fixing this great game. I am still quite addicted :) in a good way :)
  • All working as expected, thank you, please close this post thread :)
  • I feel your pain. For me, still now, can't log into Tiberium12, the system wants to put me on Vet World 6, despite me logging into Origin from the web. Was OK yesterday. BUT! at work on my Windows 10 desktop, I log in no issues. Strange but true. I do find that the bandwidth is slow. Any one have an IP of a server we can…
  • agreed, anything is possible, just the coincidence that it only started last week Friday :( Works fine on my email, that how I go here now.
  • Yep checked my contacts as you suggested. When I ask to verify to my phone (which was correctly listed) I never got the phone message. I have a Samsung Platinum phone 3 years old. So I use my online email to get my PIN. I think it will take a while to clear out all the gremlins.
  • This is what I can report: I login from the office using Win10 and 0365, l can log in Tiberium12 just like normal. Then I come home on my Win7 machine and my laptop and I have a problem as follows: 1. I login to Origin using browser only. 2. I press play button and two factor jumps up 3. I ask to send to my mailbox. It…

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