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  • I am trying to use Debitosphere Crucial All In One Script. I can't get to the settings page for the script. This is the Update URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Debitosphere/CNC.TA.Crucial.Scripts/master/CNC.TA.Crucial.Pack.All.in.One.by.Debitosphere.user.js Does it no longer function?
  • This platform is terrible. It took me 3 minutes to be able to post this message!!!! Lag time in the game is intolerable.
  • Any lawyers out there that want to start some kind of class action to help thousands of players get their money back? It's a shame to invest in a game that is unplayable. I can't even get on to message my friends why I am dropping out. EA should make a decision to either invest the manpower and resources into the game to…
  • No. But yesterday everything started working again.
  • I only run 1 script package, the Crucial-All-in-One. I went in to Tampermonkey and disabled it. I deleted my browsing history and cookies again. I restarted my computer. I started the game and it works great on Wrath 23. I switched to Wrath 22 and here are my screenshots. http://prntscr.com/kvgp4q http://prntscr.com/kvgpoe…
  • Yes. I deleted browser history & cookies. http://prntscr.com/kvfi9l http://prntscr.com/kvfiv4
  • I disabled all scripts. In Chrome I get this error message only on the Wrath 22 server when I press F12, "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 ()"
  • I started substantially at the beginning of the game in the front rows. The time I posted (04:xx:xx) was wrong. I was recalling I believe my mental conversion to local time but my game is set on server time. I distinctly remember when I looked at my tip message it was around 12:53:xx server time. That was when I calculated…
  • No. I didn't do that. I had my shield when I signed out for the night.
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