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  • For PvP? Yes. As for forgotten it will have an effect only if multiple bases calibrate their artillery on a forward and exposed base I guess then leaving themselves exposed?
  • When forgotten can attack their ai is more aggressive and outposts and camps play a role in their base strategy. Faster alliances actually exploit that by aggressively attacking bases and keeping them on the defensive while never allowing the secondary outposts and camps to counter effectively.
  • Firestorm servers are not that frequent but getting more so. I think the server frequency should not include vet and championship and the like. Those should be special events. That would leave the tiberium and wrath servers, about 6 a year? Maybe more if wrath was to handle more unusual rulesets.
  • I would guess the issues are with android and how they handle apps then the browser itself?
  • 50k for new uninitiated accounts and 90k for, others would be the spite of war I guess...IDK i am glad EA is not like that ....
    in Buy Funds Reply by F1jjYR3 June 21
  • Its ego For some if they spend enough then they expect to rule. Some things you can't buy though...
  • How old is the 50k account? I am assuming only very old accounts get that option, like 10 years?
    in Buy Funds Reply by F1jjYR3 June 20
  • I may have mentioned it before... But offensive artillery would be useful the same way. Attack at range maybe against select targets.
  • I agree. Commando attacks can focus on a very small area like a single building possibly avoiding an unprepared defense. A main attack may not reach that objective as they are a frontal attack. And there are already ways to transport infantry in air or armor.
  • Morale would be a logical reason for a increased margin of error I guess. Even on no morale worlds I suspect something burried in the game consistently affects the margin.....
  • i just assumed the accuracy of the simulation depended on your overall strategy in some way, the peaks and valleys i mean.....
  • > @Primarina182 said: > I can see this game having a huge flipping improvement, adding the original Zecrom army to Alliances, since it is in line with Tiberium wars and Kane's Wraith. I also can see the more modern, or futuristic units from Tiberium Twilight being added as extra units, or an idea to implement them. .......…
  • maybe power can be looted from every base but that goes away from the theory of the power plants making power constantly rather than bases relying on a primarily stored resource.
  • multiple bases can produce a lot of credits be it at the expense of other things. but then again credits are the scarcest standard loot.
  • or at least make power a common resource like credits? it's just a game but...power roughly means the amount of total being produced while huge jumps in usage will make less power available for other things. and power is pretty expensive to produce once you take how much you consume with upgrades. so that expense may imply…
  • once you are high enough level to activate a tunnel you can cause outposts about 2-3 levels of your base level to appear. i imagine there are situations where they can be higher. while another base with a higher level can cause higher level outposts to appear that can attack you.
  • but yea, individual units having a longevity bonus would be great. It would discourage constant selling of units which in itself is a good system but unsold surviving units should be more effective as well...
  • Is the simulator meant to be 100% accurate in any case? Does it allow for any different outcomes in the real action?
  • while a constant supply of research points will give people some more incentive to stay on a server after the first fortress?
  • or make the ion cannon a tactical artillery weapon. commandos could launch it...... I know commandos are being stripped down but still.....
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