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  • This messege is I think the big differents is not having some scripts. I think what people should complain about is the fact that every major alliance eventually demands u to give ur login. This way so they can move ur base, setup for attack or a defense if ur at work or atleast not online. Officially its forbidden as the…
  • ahh ye :d forgot to blanc out the name my mistake :D thanks for changing
  • Hey guys. This answer is for AE creators.. Regarding to this thread... There is 1 simple solution. Yes for the developers it takes 1time a lot of time and creating but it solves a lot of problems. U can get a player restriction for IP with the acces of more different people (see as a family living in 1 house and 2 or 3…
  • @ToXXXic69 are ur mushrooms filling u up again? Ive been nothing but polite and the only person insulting is u? Maybe a lack of comminucation? Then kicked from alliances? U know more then me there but i think that will be the mushrooms speaking. Anyway ur contribution to the topic is useless. If as Druid already said (AE)…
  • Amen, thats what i totally agree
  • > @gamerdruid said: > There are many reasons plus the technical ones. I don't have the details of the technical issues so can't explain them. Dude i dont get it why ur a moderator. Ur talking nothing but noncense. Its possible for sure. As the guy above u told a lot of games use it. and if i was AE i would start think of…
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