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  • Hey WebGL worked! No more weird stuttery annoyingness Thanks Eleph! :D
  • It's pretty hard to take a screenshot as it only lasts for a second before going back to normal. It kind of flashes the weird pixelated mess and then normal and then as I move my mouse more pixelated mess and then back to normal. I've already got animations, effects and fog off Edit: Turning animations back on makes the…
  • Hey gamerdruid I already am on the latest version of chrome. I tried logging out and back in but the issue still prevails. And I already tried rebooting but with no change
  • This is only an issue with worlds with that stupid morale reduction ****. Sim a base without that morale reduction in play and you will get a perfect 100% accurate Sim. Sim a base with morale reduction and the Sim will vary wildly. Obviously what has been said about the base regeneration also applies, but if there is no…
  • Hey Elephterion. My timezone is IST (GMT+5:30) and I'm using local time on that server. I still don't see how a display error could actually be preventing me from relocating and not only me but all my alliance members. The weird thing is the one guy who could relocate without a cooldown did so and guess what? He had a 3…
  • Okay fine the date is displayed incorrectly, but screw all of that... How can I or any of my alliance members be unable to relocate when we were all at Tier 0 relocation before we jumped and when will we be able to actually relocate??
  • So then it's just not displaying the correct time? How the heck are we supposed to know the correct time then? And anyway how could I be having a cooldown when it's been months since I last relocated? When will I be able to relocate again?
  • > Check to see if the one member is in a different time zone (in the real world) to you. They are all in different timezones... Many are in the same time zone as the one who doesn't have the cooldown. > I do know that there are some time display anomalies that occur around midnight on the PTE using UTC+1 and I'm wondering…

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