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  • ++++++ i have only one point to add: guys from project still play together with new changed names/accounts. The alliance Project is only closed on paper. They use Discord (hundreds of people are there) to coordinate everything + they have spy accounts everywhere. So it’s impossible for a different Ally to win. No matter…
  • everybody is so bored by these project excuses/lies😴
  • @gamerdruid its obvious what is going on + we both know that there will be no changes! I only want to mention one more detail: it’s ridiculous to ask us for ideas + to tell us that you will discuss these proposals when you know that nothing will change! Shame on you @EE_Elephterion! @chadthurston again you are correct…
  • @NIMSWRATH there was a detailed discussion 9 month!!!! ago about necessary changes for that game. Nothing at all has changed since then. So don’t waste your time -> whatever the response to your post will be - be sure that nothing will change!
  • GDI vs NOD thread Nr. 1000 We can discuss that topic as long as we are all dead. There will be no changes. These guys are not able to start a single server without problems / change small but important details to the game for years now. Because of that you can´t expect / ask for massive changes to the game. :o
  • The server is 23 days old now - not more than 1300 (optimistic count) are playing. I will have a point for sure.
  • They are doing nothing - again and again!
  • just take a look at Tib55 -> Project 2.0….only different names (players as well as alliances)….lies - lies - lies….again and again and again🤡🤡🤡
  • 7 month ago…… you are right but I’m trying to be polite -> almost everybody knows that guy + that his IQ could be better -> so that’s fine😉
  • I'm writing about the lack of ideas by the Envision guys and once more an alt account from a project players is complaining🙄 hit dogs bark the loudest - once again🐶
  • LOL „We are still working on those changes and will announce them when the time has come“ This answer could be written by a politician - saying something without saying anything. 🙄👎
  • you have to accept that this game is finished in many ways! -> no important changes, nobody working on that game any longer, Project, price policy Who the f... is still paying 33 Euro/35 Dollar (some guys do it 3-10x a server) for a boring browser game without any competition, obsololete graphic and so on? You guys really…
  • pretty sure there will be no mor ebonus sales. why? beacuse the game is dead. standing customers/players have no more interest in that game (only a few left) - i don´t have to explain that again the few new customers/players probably start 1-2 new worlds and thats its - i also don´t have to explain that. EA not willing to…
  • Guys i know it’s hard to quit that game because it was a good one for a long time. Some players are still hoping for changes but it will not happen! i´m bored of talking about PVP (not existing), moderators (not honest at all about the game), Project (still existing + lying + talking b u l l ****), Funds (ridiculous 💴),…
  • you´re right about the "teamwork" - but thats only one of many topics that have made this game unplayable. But nobody from EA/Envison cares about that. EA is seriously asking for 35 Euro/Dollar for funds -> and it looks like there are less but still enough guys who pay that 35-150Euro/Dollar for each server. For a…
  • Thankfully we live in a country where one person do not tell me what to do! Fortunately everybody is allowed to advance his personal opinion. Because of that I respect your point of view but i do not care at all!
  • What is next? It’s simple… …stop playing till there are changes to the game - unfortunately that will not happen because there are no people working on it (see comments made by EE_Elephterion). …let Project or what’s the next name play their game. They will not stop using xxx Alts on every server they play. …and finally…
  • You guys are funny. You really think that there will be some serious competition at the next server? There will be 2-3 project teams with different names. WOW. Perhaps they will fight each other for the victory at the end of the server. So they can say -> PVP is back. LOL. If there are other ally´s (pretty sure that will…
  • LOL - ofc you are the good guys here. Bad guys are playing for Mara + Schaffa. You make my day. Have fun at the next wrath server - again you will play alone. Edit: I´ve tried to play with project - but they told me that i have to start in wing Nr.7 :-(
  • you don’t want to understand? 1. nobody is interested in playing with guys like Ganja and Co.! 2. so many guys have left the game because of your behaviour! 3. there will be no competition on the next servers (or you fight each other)! 4. all your inputs are still arrogant! 5. there are still no changes to the game -> no…
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