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  • The thing is. When was the last Balance change the game got regarding factions (in Numbers). Yes it was the decrease of GDI MG Nest damage against vehicles. And that was 2012. So yes Not a Single Balance change (in Nummer) Since 8 years. How much would it hurt to try Small changes like 10% more damage of gdi commandos, or…
  • Short facts: -Envision has no say in this. Its all EA. -If you want them to notice, you have to make this post huge and put lots of likes on the owser of this thread. My thoughts: -40 dollars is far to expensive, and will finaly kill the game. -15 dollars is a fair price. -Many players are students, or people with not that…
    in Funds Reply by Mediv88 July 2020
  • Short (ok it got long..) my point of view. I played both NOD and GDI on multiple worlds with different settings. PvE, malus world: This setting is basicly farming as many outposts with as much ressources as possible each day. Nod: -Easier 1 shots of easy-medium outposts. Only because the Vertigo shoots one row. -Low…
  • This is not correct. First to clarify two buildings: Defense HQ (Or in German: Verteidigungs-Zentrale): This building defines how much supply is available to use in defense. If the supply is not enough for the defense, the defense is disabled. E.g. no Defense HQ - means 0 supply - deactivated defense. Defense Facility (Or…
  • If even anything like this would be introduced. It is very easy to bypass. If Nr.1 alliance would have known, that they get 10 day of vacation, they would have just waited with the fortress kill. Wait until the first wing is 2nd strongest alliance, while destroying other alliances and then kill the fortress. Only effect of…
  • It never was an easy server x) There is no arrogance or whatever, we always were fully aware that it will be a hard fight. But there was once 4 codes, now its 28. Wing was once useless, now its better then Section 8. There was once 5 enemies, now there are 3. So I see progress.
  • You are wrong! I just asked OpaSmash, he is distributing them. Or how can you explain, that suddenly there are 5 in the North sector. Eddi told us that it only happens in the east, because we went there !!!!
  • 28.4 - 5 Codes in the South. 1 day later the 6th comes down. If you already mention my beautiful, awesome work of art ;)
  • Guess somewhere here lies the problem.
  • Yes please dev, we need more Codes in South East on the weekend, so please send about 4-5. Thanks ;)
  • I know you know the code, but are you sure? Until now I thought the damage is calculated like this: E.g. Nod Air-Support = 9% damage against air of same level. So for lvl 52 vs 58, it would be: =52/58 * 9% Or do you mean absolute numbers? Which would be something similar.
  • I guess those bubbles are the only reason Angry Birds is loosing.
  • The line which needs to specified clearly is: "you are supposed to only get the regular move cooldown duration". What is meant here? If someone jumps from east x: 700, y: 500 to west x: 300, y: 500. He gets a move recovery, as if he would have jumped without SS over 400 fields. 400 fields means very long movement recovery.…
  • All sounds fine to me, except: "The resulting duration is now equal to a regular base move cooldown". I know that me only answering to this post will result into many flames, because apparently you only listen to us. But this change will have some sideeffects, which I'm not sure are wanted. -If you start a new world, and…
  • > @eddi1313131 said: > As an option - for such small maps limit the number of possible sector changes (3-4 times per server). To avoid suspicion of cheating, there should be statistics about who and how many times changed the sector. You don't have statistics? Well we have those, it's called ccta-stats. As far as I know…
  • You wanted to know why we don't comment. Well we are kinda busy fighting 1 vs 5, which takes quite alot of nerves and stamina. But I will try to give a little bit of input. You can believe it or not, its up to you. 1. Early server start: -We decided were to start on Thursday, like every alliance knows. The first person to…
  • Nice, I bought CP cap already :)
  • I also like it the way it is, it gives PVP a little bit more depth. "Fixing" this would result in new problems. What if a way stronger alliance wants you dead, he kills you 2 times. To bad you can't play for 2 days. Guess you quit the game. With current rules: Way bigger alliance wants you dead. You die, you just leave the…
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