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  • I need to screen cap the PVP score. I really dont know why i bother. More crying from the north american players. Look back, what did i say? ITS CULTURE. Not cheating. Not this imaginary gaslighting **** that players are coming here to spread. Die with some dignity. OMG YOU PEOPLE ARE A DISGRACE!!! DISGRACE!!!! This is…
  • looking now, its unlikely... Schaffa is exceptionally organized. I suspect what will happen. But i see ruins. As long as there are brave fighters who do not believe in defeat. This game is not over. But I dont see a sudden change. I hope so. But schaffa has worked very hard, just PVP stats is crazy. If they do win this, it…
  • interesting... this server isnt done yet. theres a chance these changes could come into play later on. I wouldnt be so cocky Schaffa, your arrogance may cost you an easy win on this server. Nobody needs to tell me anything, i can read ranks, points and positioning well enough still. What i joked about months ago, may come…
  • In regards to complaints about the game. I agree. I voted with my wallet years ago. This game is old and modern games have comeback mechanics that allows hard working teams to have some shot, even if its a long one, to come back and challenge for the win. However, we are at the tipping point. Schaffa is nearly doubling the…
  • Really? Somebody explain this to me? Im actually curious how this happens? Even the wings? really? What exactly happened when the forgotten event started? has it been awhile? Did everybody get scared and panic and didnt know what to do? Except schaffa? Was it ONLY in their sector? Come on guys, you're better then that.…
  • straight question. Do you think if this didnt happen you guys would win? Because i say it wouldve delayed it. it was enviable. i wasnt there in the beginning so what did i miss? i just see schaffa SMASHING everybody with 2000+ pvp kills and the next 3 coalition teams combined and cant match that. did they account eat? did…
  • I left the game years ago, but i always pop back to visit and watch the WCS. On multiple servers i've been the pvp commander against mara and other german teams and wcs 2017 I watched and ended up jumping in after a month. Which was funny because i was still one of the first 100 players to the middle. Actually its not…
  • ive been away... how has wcs gone? i still like watching it.
  • You gotta buy them. Most players get by with 350cp and 2 days rt approx and 4 crates for caps, its about 5 bucks a month. Ive put accounts in the top 100 with 5 bucks a month. Its about the price of a starbucks coffee. its not bad if you play daily tbh.
  • This game has out lived sequals of other games. If im completely honest, they should do a TA2. -Link it to steam so it ends multi-accounts and also promote it so more players play. -update game mechanics •make the layouts change each time you move to match your location. So every time you move the layout changes and you…
  • Let me point out the ugly truth. Each one of those crazy multi players spends a coupe hundred a month. Thats a couple THOUSAND a year. Most of the server is made up of casual players who at best spend 5 bucks a month. These cheats keep the lights on. But with that said, the problem with alts is, even with out it. These are…
  • I may write a tutorial soon when i have time on this. Im helping some newer players and this is a common question.
  • A big part is the history of CnC. Westwood studios was sold and so was CnC. EA took over and its basically been wedged into EA's system of pay to win. Because with the DLC and micro transaction models are much more profitable. I know because i play my ps4 after i stopped playing this and found my PS4 games to be more…
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