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  • @kOeGy He is totally right in his claim, and many developers had been tested both fractions in Weta Digital, FuGenX Technologies in India, Tapadia Tech in India, they found out the game is not balanced because nod has more advantages compare to DGI…
  • @ EE_Elephterion thank you so much for your great help and your great support. I request you as a former EA member to look carefully at our claim and our evidence and put this issue in your priority. Please do investigate the problem and how it affe…
  • @gamerdruid you mentioned "I'm not here to address player or alliance issues" so what is the point of creating this forum then? and what is the forum needs for if this platform can not address any issues!!! Can you tell us to whom we/players/allia…
  • @gamedruid I worked for EA not directly as a special VFX artist with weta digital (of course if you know who is the weta digital which I doubt you know anything in this life!) I created many effects for EA games and this game is included so if I ma…
  • EA is not more few developers that can play and change the rules upon their way, so you guys think they will listen to us? if they try to fix the game at this time they will admit they cheated on us! so the best way is to leave the WSC for EA German…
  • I prefer a forgotten attacks world with morale AngiSx
  • Agree with Koegy some balance is required between GDI and Nod, for example, Orca with shields or paladin with shields like the cobra that will help to balance the game between the two fraction
  • It's an amazing idea, that will help others to see battles and give some idea to others how to play pvp, it will be great fun :)
  • Well this guy is really insulting any member didn't agree with his way, unfortunately he was behind the war because he told too many lies, he purposely insulted all women he constantly spews venom and vulgarity in chat, talks disrespectfully about w…

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