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  • Hi Not sure where this issue sits. Since yesterday (10th July) I have not been able to login using these two browsers. Both state the server is offline. I have tried the "new and improved" EDGE and also MOZILLA and they both work fine. What gives? Don
  • I have messaged this post not as this user but as Don Carriere. On the main login page it does state Don Carriere so why, I ask, does the system think I am not? Thanks Don
  • I wanted to make sure before I posted this comment. As soon as I used CROME all my problems were gone. I tried three other desktops at work and at home, plus a laptop, all with IE and all gave the same blank screen. I also experienced this with other authentication app while in IE the final validation screen is sometimes…
  • well no worries, I have figured it out, in the dark. What I did was select the world I wanted, then clicked on the black portion under the list in the dark, on the right side and it sent me the, start all over screen. So now I have moved and very happy with that. Could not have done it without you, thanks a bunch
  • thank you so much for helping. I hope its my hardware and not a bug but I only see the white text, everything else is completely black. I see no buttons, etc. I speak only English but I don't care as this really helps me. When I use your picture to click, it actually moved me to the list of all active servers. Well done :)…
  • Once I am on the new screen there is a black box displaying only two worlds as I have mentioned. But when I move the mouse around I see the pointer change to a hand but there is nothing there. If I hover over one of the two worlds mentioned a small green box pops up next to it with a description of the world I was on and…
  • thanks for your diligent reply however forgive me for my inability to understand. Yes I meant, Tiberium 40. When I log into the splash screen where the "blue button" is to log into the world I am registered to, under that is a "server name" and a button that says "change server". When I click on that, I get a new screen…
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