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  • In all fairness..tiberium 37 did run for 1 hour..maybe even 1½ hour, before failing first time.... I'm impressed.. NOT
  • Loggin in through an incognito window is not a done deal either...Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.....and if you are lucky enough for it to work, then sometimes the options button ingame doesn't work, so you are still stuck and not being able to change world, neither from login screen or ingame...
  • A day with Tiberium Alliances.... Spend 30-60 minutes trying to login to whatever server you were logged in to last time, cause change server does not work and the "Play now" button only works once in a while. When you finally manage to login, you try to attack a camp, outpost or base and immediately get a script error....…
  • Looks like the upgrade to 17.6 is postponed till next week and todays problems is some unexpected server maintenance.... https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer/discussion/177302/db-server-maintenance-on-november-27#latest
  • Hmm really? It's is taking a lot longer also. Update info post says world will be offline for 60-90 minutes, but now we are well past 4 hours :open_mouth:
  • This problem seems to have been fixed now. I'm not getting the script error anymore, and no longer have to use "my workaround" to login ;)
  • I have tried with firefox and microsoft edge, where there is no scripts installed, but the same error happens, so it's not the center driven extension. Anyway, here is the extract from console with the script disabled. ============================================================= "resource/qx/static/silence.ogg Failed to…
  • That was all that looked like errors, but I can copy paste the whole thing if you want that? "Attaching script: XDaast's Scripts: Old Maelstrom, API Wrapper, and more... -XDaast- chrome-extension://glicbealjcpdfcnkjeeememcglfoafbo/js/content.js:37 Attaching script: CENTER DRIVEN AutoUpgrade Alternate Formula…
  • Here is the copy paste from the console tab: "https://prodgame14.alliances.commandandconquer.com/380/resource/qx/static/silence.ogg 404 (Not Found)" "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)"
  • I agree that it is annoying with this script error since is forces the page to reload back to login screen, so you can just continue in that loop for a while. I spoke with support about it, and they say it's an error from the server, and that we (the players) should find out who owns this specific tiberia 29 (Europe)…

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