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  • Come on... Another morale world ? why ? there is already a Tib52 Morale world that was launched in August and is far from being finished and you start another morale world ? while last Forgotten one was in May and is finished Open Forgotten attack world or no morale/no forgotten please ?
  • Hi admins.. please review this asap and BANN this awesomesk22 player immediatley... - this is unprecidented outright cheating... and even if its a game glitch.. he has not reported it, and continues to use it to HUGE advantage ! We have all spent ALOT of money onto funds to get to centre, now , to ONLY realise this guy…
  • Listen, refunds for developers likely a nightmare task - cant we just do a restart, with all our current levels same? level 12 bases.. no bubbles... no GIFT wrapped POIs... - off to the races , everyone equal... whatever cp/rt u had u start with etc??? whatever you had spent then would still be vaild.. but fresh start, no…
  • Ive never in all my years playing this game, witnessed, anything as odd as this... i wake up in morning to find out my teams POI have turned into trash, and my enemy POI has turned into solid GOLD ! - in addition to this; the "food" ( bases ) that i dug yesterday ( that paid me 6-7million resources ), are now going to be…
  • Second time we cant get logged into this server 51... thing that gets me the most, is in login choices of server to select, it doesnt even say server is down !... i spend ALOT on this game, please offer that function at least
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