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  • So this update broke the server yet again .... another successful update. Am I being negative hell no it happens every single time an update is done. So now the lag is crazy, I keep losing chat, I have been kicked about 5 times to find the server …
  • thanks Bealz tried that too ....insecure connection wont let me get in
  • k so i tried the link given above and i still cant get in.can i have a refund of the money sitting in my 3 accounts that i cant access and I shall be on my way ...............absolutely over this crap
  • Rafurious I tried explorer but wont work for me either ....so thats 3 browsers that wont work........
  • i have tried firefox and chrome cant get into any of my accounts because of security ....i have unblocked it so many times but keeps overriding ............sooooo this is getting very close to me done with this crap.......any of my alliance read thi…
  • damn it what have you broken this time :/
  • (Quote) actually mate I undestand english completely ....note I said you cant help ........and EA dont give a **** that to me seems like fact....and frustrated past being frustrated but really now the moderators attack members ??? pfft whatever m…
  • translation ...............OK so if you have a complaint moderators cant help ....contact EA who dont give a **** either ......so in other words put up with the crap or quit guys ....simple
  • Daast sorry but I have chrome and firefox on both computer I use and it does the same thing on each most of the time ...but occassionally it works
  • gamerdruid I understand what you are saying ... you guys are trying to help but have your hands tied. Unfortunately you lot are the meat in the sandwich. However something has to be done urgently as this is nothing but buckpassing. So really wh…
  • Really you give us instructions on how to do something we been doing for ever. Can you understand the fricken thing doesnt work. It did work you until you guys did your breaking oh sorry I mean maintenance stuff again !!!
  • Can we please get serious here. I use a different browser on 2 computers. I have the same issues on both computers. I note one of the previous moderator comments that a link got broken in maintenance. Please that is just hysterical. The peop…
  • Can I suggest the developing team learn to develop in a reasonable manner before they touch this fricken game again. Seriously I am having to clear cookies daily to even log into the game, today I have been trying for 20 mins to log into another w…
  • What is this tighter security for really. To be honest its more steps and higher security than to get into my bank account!!! Can we get real here stop playing with this stuff if it isnt broken. Every time you guys do you stuff the game up furth…
  • OK So another server broken by EA. I want to return my input into this server ......I really would like a refund for all the money I have wasted. Yes wasted .... by doing this stupid change you have once again totally stuffed up another server. …
  • agree no more money til they listen .....this is ****...enuf is enf !!!!
  • please dont insult my intelligence....every thing they "fix" they screw up....do you have any concept of how many members have actually nearly on had enough....EA needs to start actually listening to what is important....this screwup is not
  • its **** at this stage of a server ....near on 3 months after it starts you correct an error ....omg give me a break...
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