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  • hi all, thx for your great work again ! Is it possible to fix the moveable compose message window? it would be even greater if EA could import in the game, but till then, it would be great if you could fix it :) thx
  • hi Gamerdruid, that would be completely unfair to first time players. Newbies need to learn the game, spend a lot of time (and money) and want to get a chance to shoot the fort. Other people are not as good at the game as nr 1 members, others are, b…
  • hi, our members still can't use the free rt packs in WCS http://prntscr.com/pkfutr plenty supply points http://prntscr.com/pkfvx1
  • a few of our members have received the crates, but they can not use them, in wcs cp crates : no problem, rt crates : can't be used , error: not enough supply points, while there are plenty of supply points and other crates can be used
  • hi, the compensation was rewarded, but apparently not accesible
  • hi all, repair all and collect all still causing script errors, keeps logging me off, any solutions there ?
  • http://prntscr.com/pfjpbm we did not fail ! it seems no bonuses in all worlds add wcs and t37
  • hi gamer, yes we know, this is the only way for the affected members to react directly or contact EA directly.
  • hi, thx for trying to improve the cncopt and take flash out of the picture ;) Looking good ! I've been playing a bit with it, a few suggestions: please change the max amount of buildings to 40, since that is the max any base can have please make the…
  • Tib 37 still offline? Offline since about 10 am, not able to load around 12 and offline again since 12:16 ? http://prntscr.com/ow5ia0 , fixed ;) http://prntscr.com/ow5nds
  • Why the need to rule a world? If you win , you have badge nr 1, all servers you play everyone will see you have a nr 1 badge. If you treat your wings right from the start of the server, they can still get nr 2,3,... badges. You can move on to the n…
  • This is how wcs was won, and what people have been asking to fix. It has been done all server long, relocating next to your own ruins , and sometimes even back on the poi you were shot off. The new patch did not fix that at all.
  • I am szybkibill on this issue. I stil vote for the removal of the winning alliances. Once you have shot the fort, all your bases are removed from the server. The winner can rule the world while they are nr 1, then they are gone after shooting the fo…
  • Wow sir pushalot, your reaction is over the top too . Vizzed has only rank 1 to 3 badges, so not a loser in my book. Unmentionables and Mara Salvatrucha not loser teams either. Please check you facts before you make wild accusations. Because our tea…
  • Please stay not busy for as long as possible Sal :)
  • While Schaffa is busy killing everyone on wcs and IW / UM / TT busy on tib 40, it might be a good idea to start a new world early september, with no morale, no UM and no FA, no Schaffa and no loot distribution, to give all a chance of winning a serv…
  • Interesting discussion here ! Sounds like a good idea, all for removing or teleporting badged players to the next world, and making that next world more interesting. If this ever gets implied, I would lower the level of the fort every time it is sho…
  • to be clear: i vote for scrapping all loot for bases attacked from different alliances. When an alliance works together to kill a fb, they deserve all the loot in the base ! I don't mind sharing loot with team mates, don't like the complete loss of …
  • I still vote for scrapping all loot for bases that are being attacked between different alliances, as a measure that may work against prehitting with alts .(that is what I saw happen on T37, alts prehitting a base, not in the alliance of their main …
  • I vote for undoing this patch (loot distribution and limited subs ) too, it takes the most fun out of the game, hitting a base with team mates. I can and will kill bases alone, but it is a lot more fun to do it together. Especially the beasts that t…
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