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  • I see that it has been resolved. Thanks for the promptness. However, can you tell me what was the cause?
  • For example: BASE MARKER 649:521 allows me to see the configuration of the base, but it does not open the property of the marker and I cannot see who it belongs to. Next, the free markers close very quickly after being accessed.
  • Hi ! I`m in Tiberian Alliance 58 world. I noticed that in another alliance, also from Tib. 58, I have not faced such a thing. I don't use scripts and I always delete the browsing history. I reported this problem to MY COMMANDER and he changed my status, from Member to Officer. In vain, the problem still persists. Specific,…
  • Hello! I think my message was misunderstood. I was referring to the fact that after I moved my base, I could no longer sell (refund) the combat utilities, for a new configuration. Anyway, after a few hours from my first message, the situation returned to normal. I use Google translate and some translations leave much to be…
  • Thanks! Now I notice that it has rusted.
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