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  • Oh man !!! whats the point anymore? i still have to use a different link to change worlds, use a different browser to buy funds, and now they don't take money from Australia.

    just sad all round
  • So today is the last day - after all this crap i have told EA to delete my accounts with them and i'll find a game. Screw you EA!
  • So i got on chat with them today - even sent the guy to the page with all the problem and here is the response. ( with out his name )

    May 28, 2018 06:23:21 PM
    I have checked this issue from my end and unfortunately the only support…
  • Just a update for anyone else that is having this problem,

    I was using chrome with scripts when this happened - using firefox and no scripts let me accept the invites, So i'm reinstalling the scripts into chrome later and see if this wor…
  • As ScareyBillie26 and others have said - We did not make this mess - the Dev's did.

    But what i find more offensive is that while we all try and find work arounds to this - we here little if any thing that the company is doing to fix this…
  • iguanaworld and everyone else with tips - Thank you for taking the time to try and find a work around.

    To EA - You are the owners of this product and many of of buy options to make the game better.

    Your players should not hav…
  • I use imac 2012 and latest osx - for the last 7 days or so same problem, Chrome and Fire fox.
    You know i pay money on this crap game right? i think you need to bring back zero hour and let us have fun again. As for this - well no more money fo…
  • Hi Donald

    As a anther person told myself - try to turn on the WEB GL in the options tab ( right hand bottom side of screen ) It got my game to work some but still having problems with the writing so while you can get back on the map and …
  • Yes this worked for myself as well - though the writing is still not good.
    for others you find the web gl option in the right hand side ( bottom ) in the command and conquer box

  • Hi

    any update to this problem

    I have to say after spending a lot of money on these games i'm a little **** about it - can i talk to a tech person to resolve this asap
  • jclark308633 lol i'm also "glad" to here it!

    All what you have siad is going on with the three maps i am on as well, others in the teams are also having the same - i did tell them to get on here and let everyone know, so we may get some …
  • Cool i hope they can up with something lol
    just checked in with a team and it's getting little heated lol.

  • Hi

    My teams in map 15 and 24 are called the unwanted lol and now of them can play properly, i have a team on map 30 as well and that does the same thing.
  • ops not poles - problems lol
  • Same as mine then - i put it under "poles with Firefox and chrome" any way i have spent lots on this game and have three alliances that i' am the cic of and have not been able to do crap for two days.

    All scripts are out - both Firefox a…
  • Hi it's a mac
    I have updated to the latest "everything" including the osx, i have now tried 4 different browsers and only safari gets me past the bases screen to the map - bit any writing ( like camp or base or outpost etc.. ) are transparent …
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