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  • Just amazing. I spent 700 cp to kill some base and needed just some more I was going to buy :dizzy: Now I here the voice of EA god: Stop playing it. Just stop. We won't let you play it. lol...
  • Because I will create an acc and will block some base of enemy player. Just to get him banned. Again, it's only looks simple. But it is not.
    in PVP. Reply by Sheosun June 2017
  • And again it won't work. Players use anonymizers to hide their real IPs so you'll never know for sure who uses one or another acc. It only sounds simple. In fact it's very complicated. You can't ban someone only because he was attacked by someone else to block the base.
    in PVP. Reply by Sheosun June 2017
  • No matter what you offered. I'm talking only about facts. You prepared many accs for blocking long time before your offer. You do not use autoclick that's correct. Because you use scripts for that. And that is not just a suggestion (unfortunately for you). As a developer I can prove it to any game developer if needed. But…
    in PVP. Reply by Sheosun June 2017
  • I was thinking about refusing low ranked accounts to move into high lvl bases area. It would solve the problem partly. But again, CorteX kicked inactive 2 accs from alliance and uses them to block bases. So... have no idea how to find universal solution. But it's clear that this way of PvP is just stupid. BTW I think it's…
    in PVP. Reply by Sheosun June 2017
  • "By one team". Are you sure? omg... that is not even fun. I hope your blocker&interceptor scripts will not work after new update. BTW as I know Cortex uses them in all worlds they play. No surprise why they have so many wins. It's really difficult to beat scripts.
    in PVP. Reply by Sheosun June 2017
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