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  • Are the 25 alts in each of your alliances having problems creating your super accounts with the malus? Your alliance (Cherry Hunters aka TTD) is the reason EA came up with Patch 19.1, to try to prevent your cheating. Pull up your big boy pants and play the game the way it was intended to be played, or just quit and wait…
  • A new classic world (NO forgotten attacks with normal moral/willingness) would be great! A USA start time would be nice. You haven't done that in a long time :)
  • There isn't a problem with move timers after sector jumping. They are more than enough of a penalty for players to wait to advance. And now, pvp teams that sector can not advance together in grid formation due to different timers. The problem the community has been talking about is the fact that a player can be killed on…
  • It is a silly aspect of the game. Wipe out a massive red grid and 10 minutes later they take a 40 across the border and sector back to the original sector. Now they are sitting on your grids weak side with bubbles and without an attack penalty. What was the point in killing them? So 10 minutes later they can be in a better…
  • Lol Nuubal, you are too much. Go to your teammate Leo7044’s github page to see your script that was just released (after years of secret use by your team), due to it being leaked. I can't wait to see what other private scripts get leaked in a few years after you've won a few servers with them. What’s funny is that RP…
  • Questions were asked about other ways private conversations with developers could be abused. Besides having more influence on game mechanics and future patches, there is the potential for gaining detailed knowledge of the math and formulas behind the game and developing private scripts. This is a topic that’s come up…
  • I also noticed that thread and was concerned. I know that many Nvidia/Schaffa players were good friends with rhiordd, the Head Developer before he moved on to manage another game. Not a surprise the relationship with the new developers continued. It’s my understanding that the 19.1 patch is a direct result of this…
  • I would have to agree. I am glad that they have tried to stop multi accounts but the cost was too much. Many players enjoy the comradery of being on a dig team and hitting bases together. The excitement of everyone calling out their hits and teaming up on a base to capture poi. Helping each other out when a teammate needs…
  • Seems there are players who don’t know the history behind patched exploits. Automation tools like auto sim were a big deal to the community just like the use of alts is today. Any discussion that auto sim is a myth is incorrect. You can go back and see the patch notes and forum posts during those days. It became a serious…
  • HAHAHAHA these guys all pissed cause they got smoked on 2 worlds. Poor sorrow lost 2 worlds so now the game has to change for everyone. All these crying babies want things that hurt them fixed but not EA mucking with stuff they use to win. Sorrow and his ally have a stash of scripts too lololol.
  • EE_Elephterion, Thanks for the reply. Yeah Classic World (NO forgotten attacks, with morale, new economy). It would be wonderful if it could start after the holidays in early January. Thanks!
  • Yeah please start a new classic world for all the old timers :)
  • Please start a new classic world!
  • yeah the ruin status text or territory claim text is difficult to read as it is also red text on a black background. Not sure what you mean by "beneath the enemy alliance" though. Thanks for looking into it for us :)
  • It's frustrating trying to read the red text. Needs more contrast. Simple fixes that make a huge difference in the gaming experience :)
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